May 29, 2014



Last night the hubby and I went to the movies to see Blended.  A coworker had seen it this past weekend and highly recommended that we see it.  She said her family loved it so much that they plan on buying the movie as soon as it is available for purchase.  The hubs was a little leery, thinking this was going to be a "dud".  He hadn't liked the last couple of Adam Sandler's movies and thought this one would fall under the same category.

     Boy was he wrong.  We loved it!!! We laughed nearly the entire movie.  I'm talking LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!  Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler were great together.  The supporting cast was hilarious and the music was awesome.  There were moments we were laughing so hard, moments of strong emotion, and other times we were "tearing up".  If you are a parent, you will certainly be able to relate to this movie.

     You will leave the theater wanting to plan a trip to South Africa!


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