Jul 1, 2014

Poolside Must Haves

One of the most important must haves for us as we head outside to the pool is our JBL PowerUp Speaker.  We have had the PowerUp for 2 1/2 years now and are very happy with it.  I am a huge Bose fan.  No question about it.  We have Bose stereos in our vehicles and a Bose surround sound system in our family room.  I love my music and movies loud.  :-)  

We looked at the Bose SoundDock when we were shopping for a portable speaker but for us, we found that the JBL has more bass to the sound.  I know it can go very loud but I have never come close to reaching the maximum level of sound and most probably never will.

We use our iPhones to play music through the JBL speaker.  It is so easy to set up.  Go to Settings, Bluetooth and JBL PowerUp will be listed.  Just click on it and it will connect.  Super easy!

Our source of music is from our play lists or Pandora One.   Pandora, itself, is free.  However, I choose to pay $3.99 per month for Pandora One because it is commercial free.  We all love it.  They have a huge selection of music to choose from.  We listen to Disney Classics for the kids (yes, Let It Go is on there!), Classic Rock, Country, Rap, Wedding Songs, etc.  There is something for everyone.  Really.  :-)

Here are the Top Stations:

Genre Stations

Top Stations

Pandora One is pretty awesome.  You can play it in your car, on your computer and any other source you may have (i.e. iPhone dock or through your Smart TV).  

Happy listening!!!


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