Sep 22, 2014


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Nellie from Nellie and Her Nerd gave this blog to me as a token of appreciation for helping her decorate her home.  She has been telling me for several years that I needed to have a blog to share my projects, home decor ideas, party planning, etc. with those that have the same interests as we do in the blog land.  I guess she knew that it wasn't going to happen on my own so she took it into her own hands.  :)  I am very grateful she gave this gift to me.  

I am using this blog to journal our projects, passions and our everyday life.  I had no idea what blogging would do for me.  Here are a few ways blogging has impacted my life:

I am becoming a better writer.

I am learning to communicate by recording my thoughts on paper.

I don't mind the time, devotion, commitment and discipline it requires of me.  I find I am getting so much more out of my days than I was before I started blogging.

I have met so many wonderful people through comments, emails and other blogs.  The blogging community is very friendly and quite encouraging.  The ability to lift someone up in prayer for whatever trials or tribulations they are going through is a special gift.

Blogging has become a personal journal for me.  I am much more observant than I ever was before.  I now carry a camera with me at all times.  This has allowed me to capture moments I would have otherwise experienced but not captured in a photo.  I find it teaches me to live my life with more intention.

Blogging makes me want to be a better photographer.

Thank you for your comments and encouragement.  I truly appreciate it.

Wishing you a blessed day,


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