Sep 5, 2014

Stump the Cook

Have you heard of "Stump the Cook" yet?  The Splendid Table has a refrigerator/pantry game in which a call-in contestant challenges Lynne Rossetto Kasper to create a dish with five ingredients from their kitchen.  

Here's how it works:
You tell them about five ingredients you have in your refrigerator, and Lynne has to come up with a dish that you could make.  In her dish, Lynne gets to use salt, pepper, one type of fat and three additional ingredients the challenger also has on hand.

You can read the next Stump the Cook in USA Weekend on September 26-28.  You can also submit your challenges to Lynne at

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend doing things you love with the ones you love!!!


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