Oct 29, 2014

Homemade Christmas Artwork

 Last Christmas my oldest daughter suggested that we do a Christmas project in lieu of our family movie night.  She bought four canvases from Michael's.  One for each of us and one for my mother-in-law Shirley.  She was visiting us for a couple of days before the Christmas holidays.  Tiffani found the idea on Pinterest at  

We had a lot of fun making this tree.  You start with the oldest person's hand at the bottom with the fingers going down.  Then you proceed with the next person until you have the youngest one do the star.  In this case, Mr. W's hand was used for the star and his foot was used for the trunk of the tree.  Isn't it adorable? 

 This year I added some really fine glitter to give it a little sparkle.  I used a very stiff paint brush and carefully spread the glue over the yellow area.  I tried hard not to mess up his original hand print.
I added the glitter to his hand print and on all of the yellow fingerprints throughout the design.

 I really love the way it turned out.
Do you have any art pieces that you create for the holidays?

Take care,



  1. Hi Debbie
    I have been having fun looking at all of your Christmas decor. You are an early bird for sure! I started the earliest ever this year, the stuff came out of the attic on Nov1. I only have 1 tree up so far, and it's not all the way decorated but another tree goes up today and so on. I had to comment today because of your art work. My girls made me a similar piece last year of my 5 grands. Love it!
    And…I'm hoping for lots of great Disney posts from you. We all go the first week in December. Our first trip during the holidays. We usually go in January.

    1. Sue, thank you for stopping by. I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations. I promise you I will have lots of Disney posts and pictures. We are leaving this Friday and we are all so very excited. You will love going during the holidays. The decorations are gorgeous. Try and take some time to visit the different resorts. The decorations are gorgeous. Cape May had the most beautiful carousel made out of chocolate.