Oct 22, 2014

Magic Bands


Woo hoo!!!  Our Magic Bands arrived this past Monday!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  This can only mean one thing....our trip is getting closer.  :)  OMG!!!  I am so excited!!!  (Can you tell?)

Here's a closeup of our bands.  Our name is printed on the inside of each of our bands.  The bands are so awesome.  You use them to access your hotel room, enter the parks and pay for anything you buy.  It is so cool.

Funny story.  The hubs and I went to Disney World last December to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.  The bands were new to Disney World and to us so there were some kinks to work out, right?  The first place we went to was Downtown Disney and the hubs went to buy some candy.  He waved his band and the guy told him he had reached his limit for the day!  He was like what?  This is the first time I use it.  Lucky for us we still had money on us so he was able to get his candy.

A not so funny story.  The next day we went to the parks and proceeded to match our band to Mickey and our bands did not show that we had park tickets.  :(  We had to go to Guest Services and wait for them to correct the problem.  Once they fixed the problem it was all good from that point on.

Now if only I could put my Magic Band on, wave my arm and be finished with my decorating!

Have you had any experiences (good and bad) with the Magic Bands?

Hope you have a great day!

Take care,


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