Jan 15, 2015

Packing Up Christmas With a Little Help From the Grinch


I imagine by now that most of you have finished packing up your holiday decor.
I am knee deep in packing up ours.  :)  My mission is to have everything packed up by
Saturday evening.  Why you might ask?

Monday is Martin Luther King Day and I am very lucky to have that day off.
My goal is to have two days to relax so I have been busy packing up Christmas....with
a little assistance from the Grinch himself.  He was a big help to me last night as I
dismantled his tree.  

I have three more trees to dismantle, the one in the master bedroom (piece of cake), the large one in the family room (easy because the decorations are big) and the LSU tree (too many little ornaments).  My goal is to use large decorations on the LSU tree later this year (note to self).  Large decor goes up really fast and packs up really fast.

I am looking forward to "shopping my home" to redecorate after the packing is done.
I want to try things in different places....no reason to keep something in the same place
all of the time, right?  :)

On another note, the sun just came out.  Whoo hoo!!!  We have had no sun for seven
days straight and we are so excited to have it for the next couple of days.

Here's what click2houston has to say about our weather:
HOUSTON -After several dreary and cold days, sunshine returns to the Houston area Thursday.
The morning begins wet, but by the afternoon temperatures will warm up to 54 degrees with plenty of sunshine.  The sun will stay throughout the weekend.
I hope the sun is shining for you today!!!

Take care,


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