Feb 10, 2015

I'm a Rock Star

I officially became a Rock Star this weekend.  And no, it wasn't because of my singing!  Anyone that knows me knows that I can't sing.  Brooke reminds me of this EVERY chance she gets.  :)

We have been having gorgeous weather so we took full advantage and started spring cleaning.  We started with the inside of the house and made our way outside on Sunday afternoon.

I was so excited to finally get to use my new power washer (I forgot to take a pic of that pretty red thing!).

I was very excited to see the transition from dirty to clean.

I had used a power washer once before and I was a little wild with it.  It was before we had Hardy Plank installed in the back of the house.  I had taken a chunk of the wood off the back so the hubs was a LITTLE concerned with the damage I could do in the front yard.

I was really glad I had so much area to work with for my first official job.  I did not realize how much strength it would take to control the wand while holding it down.  I managed to push through and get the driveway done in a couple of hours.

It looks so much better.  I am so excited to see the change.

We also cleaned the large landscaping rocks.  Here's a before pic from last year.  The stone was much greener with mildew than this photo.  Ewwww!!!  

Here it is nice and clean.

Now before I continue my story, remember the hubs did not want me to get a power washer.  While I am cleaning the driveway he tells me "before we put it away I want to clean the cool deck on the side of the house".  I don't have a pic but it had a really dark spot of mildew.  Yuck!  He took the power washer and sprayed it clean in minutes.  Of course, I am standing over watching real closely, covered head-to-toe in mud. :)  I couldn't help but rub it in and tell him "I'm a Rock Star"!  He totally agreed.  The power washer will make clean up around the pool so much easier and quicker.  Can I get a woo hoo?!!!

The problem with me using the power washer is I don't want to stop.  I want to keep on cleaning!  So my next job was the gate.  The hubs had replaced the board on the left side of the gate last year so the boards did not match.  But look at them now!!!  It almost looks new!!!  It began to get dark so I had to shut it down.  My next project will be the fence near the gate, the stepping stones, the landscaping stones, and the sidewalk.  After that, I'll move to the backyard.  There is plenty to do there.

The hubs was trimming the crepe myrtles in the back yard while I was in the front.

I think he did a nice job, don't you?

He had quite the pile of branches.  Unfortunately he wasn't finished.  He had to cut them up and bundle them for the trash pickup this Wednesday.

Lucky for me I had a massage scheduled for Monday afternoon.  I told my massage therapist that I really needed to develop those muscles because I was so sore.  He informed me that grown men come in hurting from using the power washer.  That made me feel better!  I didn't feel like such a weenie!!!  ;0)

Do you like to clean with a power washer?  I'd love to know if you have any tips that you can share to make the job easier.

Hope you have a great day!!!

Take care,


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