Mar 9, 2015

Enjoying the Sunshine

Friday turned out to be a beautiful day for us so Mr. W and I headed to the park in our subdivision.

He was so excited to play on the playground.

His face lit up and he got all excited when he saw the swimming pool.  :) 



He can be quite a serious little guy.....just like his daddy!

This was a see saw of sorts.  He loved going up and down.


He liked spinning this seat more than he liked sitting in it and going round and round.


After dinner he took some time to work on his computer.  He loves to say his ABC's and make animal sounds.

He was watching Elmo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I wish I would have had a chance to video him dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song.  It was so cute! 

These sticker books are so much fun.  He would name the animals and then put stickers all over his shirt.  He loves to wear necklaces.

This was a big day for Mr. W.  It was his first time to be away from home without any of his family members with him.  He did really good until he was tired....then he wanted mommy.  :)

Hope you had a couple of hours of sunshine your way....ours was short lived.

Take care,


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