Apr 28, 2015

A Baby Dove is Born

While we were working away cleaning the shed, the hubs discovered one of the baby Doves was born!!!  Isn't it adorable?  I wonder how much longer until the second one is born.

I can't tell you how much I have fretted over these baby birds.  We have had really bad rain storms for weeks now....all while these eggs were in the nest.  I am talking 60-70 mile per hour winds, hail, 4.6 inches of rain in one evening!  Not your typical rain.  I have shared my concerns drove the hubs crazy all along.  I wanted to prop an umbrella over the nest, move the nest under the patio, etc.  He didn't think any of those were a good idea so I was very relieved to see one had hatched.

Naturally I wanted to video it and my camera was no where to be found (all.weekend.long!).  Thank goodness for iPhones!  I hope you enjoy our little miracle!!!

Have you had any sweet baby birds born in your yard?

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