Jul 2, 2015

My Goals for July

Before I get to my goals for July, here's a recap of what June's goals look like:

Swim laps every day (weather permitting)
In spite of all the rain we had I managed to swim 240 laps and did 1,600 crunches

Watch movies outside from the pool
Because of all of the rain we were only able to watch two movies outside

Meal planning for the week, every week
I have blogged our menu for each week.  However, there were a few times we did not follow it because we chose to eat out.  :)

Use tools received for Mother's Day
Didn't happen!

Decorate hub's office at work
This was out of my control.  We are going to decorate it this Friday.

Finish 4th Harry Potter book - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (1/2 way read)
I am quite happy to report that I finished it.  Phew!!!  I have just started the 5th book and it has more pages than the 4th one!

Now for July's goals:

Swim laps every single day

More pool parties

Watch movies outside pool side

Continue with meal planning

Prepare smoothies for breakfast (night before)

Go to library often (I love going to the library!)

Enjoy the last days at work

Make progress on the 5th Harry Potter book - 
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Continue with my Christmas shopping

Have you thought of what you want to achieve this month?  As you can see mine is fairly easy....I'm taking advantage of the summer!

Take care,


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