Sep 24, 2015

A Little More Painting

Lately I have been keeping the hubs really busy spray painting/updating a few things around the house.  I say "him" because he claims he spray paints better than me.  Fine by me!!!

One day I mentioned to him that we really needed to spray paint the pathway lights.  He gave me that look.  You know the one I'm talking I'm crazy.  Yeah...that's it.  Well obviously I was persistent because the lights are now painted and he doesn't remember not wanting to paint them.

The lights are so faded so bad they blend in with the dirt.

So....he removed the tops of the lights and we he spray painted them Hammered Copper by Rust-oleum.  I think they turned out really nice.

For the first few, we placed paper around the posts....the others we just spray painted them.  It didn't matter because we had the beds cleaned out and mulched a week later.

Don't they look pretty now?  All we need to do is plant a few flowers here and there.  I say a few because I want to plant Pansies in November.  They are my FAVORITE flowers of all.

 After we he painted the lights he painted the hanging candle holder from the patio.  I don't have a before photo but it was all faded and sad looking.

Here it is with a shiny new coat.  It looks really good.  I think the hubs did a great job, don't you?

 I have to share a funny story that happened last night.  I am still laughing.

The hubs and I were walking around the neighborhood and we were making our third trip around when a truck was coming up from behind.  There were a few cars in the street so I decided to go up on the sidewalk and he stayed on the street.

Before I go on, let me tell you that there are two things I really dislike....lizards and tree roaches.  If you happen to hear me scream you know I've encountered one or the other.  No kidding!  And we have a lot of lizards in our yard, especially the backyard.

So as I am walking on the sidewalk I see a large tree roach. was right there by my foot.  So I check it out and it looks like it is going away from me so I continue to walk forward....watching it all the while the truck is getting close.  Well the roach decides to go in front of me and I start screaming!  I am lifting my foot high into the air so he doesn't get on me....dipping and a diving.  The hubs was so embarrassed.  Of course, the red truck turned in the driveway across from us.  The hubs had that look on his face like I can't believe you just did that.  You know that look.  I am sure your husband has given you that look once or twice before.  He said I looked like I was acting crazy like he was going to hit me with the truck.  Now please, I was up on the sidewalk, no where near the street.  I wish someone would have gotten it on video.  My leg was pretty high trying to get away from that roach.  YUCK!!!!

I am still laughing.  I guess you had to be there....

Take care,



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