Sep 16, 2015

Our Labor Day Celebration

We were blessed with gorgeous weather on Labor Day.  We  had everyone over for barbecue and a swim party.  The water was a perfect temperature to swim.

I forgot to take photos of what we ate so you'll have to trust me here.  We had grilled chicken, sausage, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and Texas Toast.  The grandkids used to not eat sweet potatoes but now they love them all dressed up with butter, cinnamon and sugar, and melted marshmallows.  Yum!!!

I just love my newly painted chairs.  They look really nice with the cushions.  I am hoping they last a couple more years.  After all, they are probably about seven years old and have been painted three times.

I think the bench turned out pretty good if I must say so myself!

Look at this little guy.  Can you tell he loves being in the water?  He also loves the freedom he has when wearing the body float.  It is so hard to believe that at the beginning of the summer he was having a hard time balancing his head to he could keep it out of the water.  He  has grown so much.

Don't worry.  His mom was right there on the side of the pool just in case he needed help.  :) 

Mr. W loves his sisters so much.

Sweet P tackles jumps in the pool the same way she does gymnastics.  Isn't she adorable?

He's looking at her like what are you doing? 

Can you tell how much these two love each other?  They get along so well.

This is how he looks when he is asking me for a Mickey Mouse popsicle.  :0)

 We finished the puzzle Brooke and Sweet P had started two weeks earlier at the birthday celebration.

We had a great time with lots of good food.

We are now working on this puzzle.  It has 750 very small pieces.  I thought I wasn't going to work on it but I got sucked in. 

It is kind of like the computer....before you know it a couple of hours go by before you realize how long you have been working on it.  Puzzles are so much fun.  Have you worked on one recently?

I have some funny videos I will share with you in my next post.  It is of Mr. W and it is hilarious.  I hope I can get them to work.  You will think our family is totally crazy.  :)  We're not.  We just like to have fun.

I hope you have a happy hump day!!!

Take care,



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