Nov 3, 2015

Halloween Recap

I hope you had really nice weather for Halloween.  It was still raining here when it came time for the kids to go trick or treating but it was nothing like earlier in the day.  And most of us had not slept but a few hours the night before as we kept getting tornado warning alerts all night.  There were at least four of them.  Thank God we were spared any damage.

This was the first time, maybe ever, that we were not home to hand out candy.  The hubs likes to be home for Halloween so we can hand out candy to the cute little kids in our neighborhood.  This year I told him I wanted to go trick or treating with the grandkids and he was welcome to come along.  So he asks me to put together bags of candy for him to drop off to the little ones on our street.  So sweet! 

So I obliged even though I had this hot mess going on.  :)

I made 20 bags for the little ones and three for our sweet grandkids.

 Here are a few photos from that night.

 The hubs finally has his little LSU Tiger football player.  He is adorable!!!

 Waiting to go trick or treating....

This is the only photo of them trick or treating that came out clear.  I guess I am not very good at taking photos and balancing an umbrella.  :)

After we finished trick or treating we went back to celebrate Justin's birthday with cake and ice cream.  We watched the move Descendants.  A really cute movie.

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!

Take care,



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