Dec 23, 2015

A Charlie Brown Christmas

I accompanied Ms. A's and Sweet P's homeschooling group to see A Charlie Brown Christmas that was put on by A.D. Players Children's Theater in Houston, TX.

It is really hard to get serious photos when they are at this silly stage so I might as well capture them as they normally are, right?

This time I followed the rules and did not take any photos of the set but you can sort of see Snoopy's doghouse in this photo.

After the play, the actors and actresses will autograph their photo for you for a dollar.  The kids are always so excited to get to meet them.

William Burke "Schroder" (guy in blue plaid shirt) and Leslie Lenert "Lucy" (girl in blue dress next to him) were both in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that we saw earlier this year.  I shared the story with you here. They were excited to hear that this was our second time to see them.  They are very friendly and engaging.

Gabriel Regojo played Charlie Brown.

Matt Andersen played "Snoopy" and Megan Jackson played "Sally".

I didn't get photos of the rest of the cast.

Travis Hayes was "Linus" and Craig Griffin was "Pigpen".

We had a great time.

If you live in the Houston area, it is worth your while to take the time to expose your little ones (or yourself) to some fun shows.  Their motto is "have fun!"  Today is the last day for this show.  Here is their upcoming schedule they have posted for 2016:

Barefoot in the Park - Jan. 13th - Feb. 14th
The Apostle - March 23rd - April 17th
Little Women: The Musical - June 1st - July 10th

I hope you get a chance to see one of the plays.

Take care and enjoy the holidays!!!  They are here!!!!



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