Dec 10, 2015

Happy Holidays Open House Day 11

Happy Thursday!
Can you believe there are only 15 days 'til Christmas?  I am so dang excited!!!

It is so good to see you today.  I wasn't sure you would have time to come by.  I have leftover gumbo in case you get hungry.  That's right, I said leftovers!  Leftover gumbo is always better than the original because the seasoning has time to set.  Makes it so much better!!!  

Today I've chosen Dave Barne's Very Merry Christmas for our listening pleasure.  I love this song.

Come on, grab your glass of sweet tea and let's get started.
Coming down our street, this is the view of our yard decorated for Christmas.  We have been blessed with a beautiful day today.  A little warmer than I'd like.  It is supposed to get up to 80.  :(  They say we are going to have cold weather for Christmas.  I  hope they're right!!!

Our color scheme is red and green and we outlined the yard in red and clear lights.

I love the red and gold ornaments hanging from the oak tree.  They sparkle at night when the lights shine on them.  It makes my heart sing.  We have spot lights placed at the base of the oak tree and the pine tree.  They illuminate the branches.  It is very pretty.

This year I thought the lights needed a pop of color so I added red, sparkly bows.  One can never have too much sparkle at Christmas time.

I love the Minnie and Mickey signs.  The glitter sparkles at night.

Walking up the pathway...

I bought these metal Rudolphs at the Nutcracker Market years ago.  I love the way they sway in the wind.

I love these topiaries.  They are Brooke's and are on loan until her new house is ready.  I may end up buying her a new set because I am sure I won't want to give these up.  They have clear lights and are pretty at night.

I love this saying "I'll get my elves right on it".  Honey, I am the elf!

I advertise for elf help but no one has applied for the job.  :(

We bought this mat at Ace Hardware.  I like the idea that you can change out the inserts throughout the year.

I love these metal decorations that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I think they still carry them.  I originally bought them for the backyard but have since moved them up front to dress it up.  I can't put everything around the pool.  

We have had these throws and pillows for many years.

Now if only the weather would get cooler we could sit outside on the front porch with a glass of wine for me and a cold beer for the hubs.

We have had this Santa face basket for a very, very long time.  Every year we put a real poinsettia inside hoping to keep it alive through Christmas.  Fingers crossed we can do it this year!

I hope you enjoyed the tour and maybe found a little inspiration for your home.
Come on, let's eat our gumbo while it's still hot.

Thanks for stopping by....




  1. I LOVE your front porch! And it sounds like it's warm enough to sit out and enjoy your decorations. :) Merry Christmas to you!!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Another wonderful tour and thank you for stopping by to say hello today on my blog! :)

  3. PS - I feel your pain all too much on the heat here in Texas and am PRAYING you're right on the cold weather for Christmas - ack! :)

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    1. I am too! I will be so disappointed if they are wrong!