Jan 14, 2016

Breakfast Room Winter Decor

Happy Thursday my friend.  I can't believe this week is almost over.  I have been so busy looking for a job, cleaning house, baking and decorating.  OMG!!!  There is always so much dust after Christmas.  I am sure some of it is from the remodel we did in the foyer.

I've also been doing a little dog watching with this sweet guy, Bruiser, while the family (minus the hubs and I) all went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX to celebrate the kiddos birthdays.  We were invited to go but we opted not to so I said I would take care of Bruiser.  I went over early in the morning and spent a couple of hours with him.  Then the hubs and I went back in the evening for a couple of hours while we had our dinner.  Bruiser was so funny.  He would snore, make funny noises and fart while he was sleeping next to you.  Just like a real person.  The hubs and I were cracking up laughing.

Seven years ago, this past Thanksgiving, Tiffani and Ms. A were leaving our house to go home after celebrating all day when she saw Bruiser and his brother running loose down our street.  Being the dog lover she is, (pregnant and all for Sweet P), she came back and got us to help her wrangle them up and put them into her car to bring them home.  She worked with a local vet to try and find their home but were unsuccessful.  The vet discovered the brother had cancer so they adopted Bruiser.  It was really sad because you could tell by his behavior he had been abused by his previous owner.  We are pretty sure it was the male owner that abused him as he was very aggressive towards male figures.  He has mellowed out so much over the years and is so lovable.  He is living the good life now with so many people to love on him.

 Tiffani sent this pic from her cell phone the first day they were there.  She said they were having a great time.  I was surprised Mr. W was going down the big slides.  She said he was afraid of everything at first then they couldn't get him to stop.  I can't wait to hear the stories of their trip.

Sorry, I got a little off track there explaining what has been going on around here.  On to the breakfast room table.  I borrowed the hydrangea flowers from the family room and used them as the center piece.  Next I chose the same placemats I used for Christmas but this time I opted for the red and white plaid napkins with the bling snowflake napkin rings.

I added the wooden snowflake napkin rings as an accent.  An added bonus is I can use this same setting for Valentine's Day.  :)  Kind of like a two for one deal!  Hmmm....I could always change out the napkin rings to something with hearts.  :)  Here I go thinking of new ideas.  I seriously cannot shut it off.  It goes on 24 hours a day.  I can't look at something without thinking of what I could do to change it.  I've got it bad.

 I have to say it is very striking when you step into the breakfast room from the garage.  You can't help but notice it.  Even as busy as the hubs has been with work he noticed it and said it was pretty.  (It is so nice to be married to someone that likes for things to look good just as I do.)

I am sure some people think its silly to dress up your table for every day use.  But take a moment and think about it.  When you visit a model home the table is always dressed and it is so appealing and heart warming.  My heart is singing every time I look at it.  And the best part is it did't cost a dime.

I hope I am inspiring you to change up your decor for this season of cold/cool weather (depending on where you live).  I think you will be surprised how special it will make you feel.  Come on, give it a try.  You deserve it.

Take care,



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