Jan 13, 2016

Winter Decor

After I packed up our Christmas decorations, I decided I wasn't ready to go with our usual decor that we have up year round.  I want to enjoy the glow of the candles, snowy look work with me here I am playing pretend, and winter feel of the season.  (I can remember feeling this way last year and I ignored the urge.  Not this time!  It was like God was telling me to do it.  That's how strong the urge was.)  We are going to have cold weather for the next 3 to 4 months (fingers crossed!) so I decided to follow my heart or God, whichever it was.  Lucky for me the hubs is on board or at least he acts like it, right?  Do you think he is playing pretend, too?

I stole the furry white throw from the middle bedroom and used it as my base by placing it in the center of the coffee table.  I moved the lantern in the foyer to the center of the table.  I stole (shhh) the beautiful candle holders from the middle bedroom.  I think they are perfect with the mercury glass and the added bling.

All this bling makes my heart sing!!!  Hey, that rhymes!

I found these clear candle holders in the kitchen cabinets and grabbed the other candle from the back bedroom.  Can you guess where the pinecones came from?  If you said my patio you are so right!  They were part of the Christmas decor.

I couldn't resist leaving the rhinestone snowflake pillows on the sofa.  You can see it in the background, there.  They are my favorite pillows and I love having them out for a few more months.

I am so excited!!!  I put all of this together without spending a dime!  Woo hoo!!!  Don't you love it when you make a change and it doesn't cost anything?  I sure do.

I hope I have inspired you to add a few touches of winter decor to your home.  I am working on the mantle right now.  Not sure what its going to look like when I finish.  Should be interesting!

Hope you have a blessed day today and every day,




  1. Beautiful winter decor my friend! thanks so much for sharing xo

    1. Robin, thank you for your kind words and also for stopping by. It is appreciated more than you know! Have a wonderful day!