Feb 3, 2016

Happy Wednesday

Let me start by apologizing to you for not getting this post up yesterday afternoon.  I wish I could say I was off busy doing something really exciting but I wasn't.  I was pulling up an obnoxious amount of weeds from our front beds as they were taking over.  If I had known how long it was going to take me I probably would have chose to write my post.  :)

Yesterday was Sweet P's official birthday.  However, we all celebrated it on Monday night.  She REALLY wanted to have a surprise birthday party.  She tried really hard to control the details but her mom told her it wouldn't be a surprise if she knew what was going to happen.  So here is how it played out.

Brooke, Brad, the hubs and I all went to Texas Roadhouse and had seating set up for nine people while they (Tiff's family) were out running errands.  They just so happened to stop there for dinner and saw us.  Sweet P was so excited to see us.  She told me I saw your sweater and your hair and I knew it was you.  Ha!  I guess I could be known for much worse, right?  :)  She asked me if I knew she was coming and I told her no.  She then asked why was the table set up for them, too?  I convinced her it was that way when we got there.  She seemed to go for it.

After dinner the servers came around with the saddle and sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was so excited.

The entire time we are there she is telling me about a surprise she has for me and she can't wait to give it to me.  So sweet.  We left the restaurant with her thinking she was going to drop by our house to drop off the Girl Scout cookies we ordered.

We had a Happy Birthday sign outside for her....

a banner hanging in the foyer....

party decorations....

and a Descendants cake waiting for her.  She was very surprised and quite happy.  Can you tell?

Let me preface the cake by saying it is nearly impossible to find any Descendant's decorations very similar to how it was for her Frozen party.  I didn't want to pay the ridiculous amount they wanted for shipping so I came up with my own design.

Sweet P wanted to open her presents first.  We gave her some hand soap from Bath and Body Works. The last time she was here she told me she needed ten of them for when she ran out and wanted to take my stash.  :)  I have started something here.  Can you tell she is excited to get new soap?

We also gave her a card with a check to go towards her summer gymnastics camp.  She will be attending Karolyi's Camp which is ran by Bela Karolyi.  

It is the designated Olympic training site for the USA Gymnastics National team.  She is so excited.  Sweet P goes to gymnastics three times a week and is constantly working on her form.  She loves it.  Ms. A calls her the next Gabby Douglas.   She is convinced her sister is going to the olympics.  We certainly hope so.  She asked us if we would go see her perform at the Olympics and we assured her if she goes, we all go!

She is so grown up reading her cards aloud to us all.

Nonnie and Uncle Brad gave her a Princess card....she is our little princess.  She loves all things sparkly and never has too much bling.

They gave her two super cute dresses from J.Crew.  

She loves to wear dresses.  I wish I would have taken a pic of her trying them on.  They looked so cute on her.

I think we succeeded in giving her a surprise birthday party.

Here they are counting as Nonnie is hiding from them.  They were so excited when I told them they could play hide-n-seek because I didn't have anything hidden in the closets.  :)  Mr. W is supposed to have his eyes closed while he is counting.  He is getting so big.  He is going to be 3 in two weeks.

Tiffani sent me a text today....

"Wish you could've been a fly on our wall during lunch!  The girls were going on and on about how good the cake was.  How professional it is.  Sweet P suggested that Ms. A have you make her cake next year!  They were cracking me up."  If only Sweet P knew how many of Ms. A's cakes I have made over the years.

How sweet is that?  It makes all the time and effort involved worthwhile.  And did I mention the clean up?  :)

Hope you are having a wonderful week....



Please say a prayer for my sweet friend Leah and her kiddos.  The love of her life passed away of brain cancer and his funeral was today.  My heart breaks for her.

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