Feb 16, 2016

Planning for a Trip in the Cold Weather

Planning for a trip in the cold weather was a new experience for me.  I was not familiar with base layers (clothes you wear under your outer clothes to keep you warm), clothing that was water resistant, ski pants, etc.  It was a learning curve for sure.

The first jacket I bought was not water resistant so I had to return it.  I found out it was called a "puffer" and would have soaked up the wet from the snow and kept me really cold.  Not exactly what I was needing to buy.

I was very fortunate to find everything on sale.  I shopped at Under Armour for my base layers and Columbia for my pants and jacket at the outlet mall in Texas City.  

I learned that you need to wear a headband under the ski helmet to keep your ears warm.

I love my boots.  They were so comfortable from the moment I tried them on.  They kept my feet warm and dry.  They lived up to the great reviews.  I hope I get the opportunity to wear them around here if it gets cold again.  :)  I'm not looking for snow.  Ha!

I found these cuties at Macy's on sale for $41.83 less a $10 coupon I had received for my birthday.  The regular price is $119.50.  I would have never paid that much for boots to wear for a couple of times.

I was so lucky to find everything I needed on sale.  Here's a breakdown of the costs.

Jacket $69 (reg. $189)
Pants $30 (reg. $79)
Boots $31.83 (reg. $119)
Scarves $16.99 (reg. $36)
Socks $9 (reg. $16)
Base Layer Shirt $25 (reg. $50)
Base Layer Pants $25 (reg. $50)
Gloves $22.00 (reg. $49)
Beanie $18.99 (reg. $25)

The best part of all is I now have a jacket I can wear in the rain.  :)  All I have to do is remove the pink fleece liner jacket and I have a water resistant coat!

I can't imagine all of the clothing those of you that live up north have to wear on a daily basis.  I am not much of a coat wearer even if it is really cold.  I don't like being bundled up.  I'd love to know how you cope with the really cold weather.  Especially those of you that have been dealing with the ridiculous cold temps these last couple of days. 

Thinking of you while this cold vortex makes its way through...sending you thoughts of warm and sunny days.



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