Mar 15, 2016

A Little Fun on the Playground

Hello and happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a good weekend.  Ours was spent working in the yard and cleaning house.  Fun things right?  Ha!  Although the tasks may not be fun the rewards are high.  I love the way it looks once it is done.

I have been busy working on a photo book from our anniversary trip to Disney World in 2013.  I know...I am behind.  I hope to have it finished by this weekend.  :)

Yesterday I kept Mr. W and Ms. A while their mom went with Sweet P to a Painting With a Twist class with friends.  I didn't want to waste an opportunity to be outside so we went to the playground in our subdivision.

Mr. W loved the playground.

It's nice to see he has gotten over his fear of slides.

Ms. A was a good sport and was checking out things to do.

He is so good about taking a minute to pose for pictures.

This little guy was moving fast...checking out things to do.

Ms. A decided to try out this thingy.  You stand on a turning disk and hold onto what looks like a tractor steering wheel...

you twist and turn...

in both directions...she loved it.

The weather was perfect.

Here he is playing in the sand someone had brought over from the sandbox.  I asked him to please not play in the sand so it wouldn't get in Maw Maw's car....

and this was his reaction.  :)  

He wasn't very happy with me.

We walked over to see the ducks in the lake.

All is forgiven by now...he is off having more fun.

 Mr. W loves his sisters.  He climbed up to sit by his sister without being asked.  He is such a sweet boy most of the time.  Just kidding...he is sweet all of the time.

Here's a pic of Sweet P and her painting.  I think she did a really good job.  She said it was a lot of fun.

I want to give a shout out to everyone in Texas and Louisiana that is dealing with the flooding from all of the rain.  I am sending you prayers that God keeps you safe and out of harms way.

Take care,



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