Apr 4, 2016

Easter Weekend Recap

I am a week late in getting this post out.  I have been doing consulting work from home besides the normal day-to-day stuff and time just got away from me.  We also went to Waco this past weekend to see my nephew play baseball and had a great time.  I have another 500+ photos to go through and that does not include the ones I took with my iPhone. :)

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  The fun started on Friday night when the kiddos stayed overnight and we dyed Easter eggs.

This year I chose to use the large brown eggs rather than the large white eggs.  I was so happy with the way the colors turned out.

We use the same glasses every year to dye our eggs.  I always lay a towel down so I don't have to scrub the counter to remove any excess dye.

How sweet are these two?

Ms. A also helped with the dying of the eggs.

I love the colors.  They remind me of the jewel tones.

Don't you just love those smiles?

Ms. A is too cool!  She is at that age where everything is funny.

Sweet P is serious about dying eggs.

Mr. W looks pretty serious, too.

Didn't the colors turn out nice?

I love this pic of him resting his hand on her back.

 How cute is this?

I still like using Paas Easter egg dye.

We had donuts for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Here's Mr. W sporting his Baylor Bear sunglasses.

Easter gifts for the kiddos.

 We gave them an assortment of goodies (new pencils, Silly String, new cups, cotton candy, chocolate candy word search books, etc.) and money.

That afternoon we went to their house to have a crawfish boil.

This is only their second time to be round crawfish so they are so intrigued with the little mudbugs.

We hid eggs for the kiddos.  This year is the first year we hid eggs in a certain color for each child.  It worked like a charm as they were not fighting over the eggs.

Did  you happen to notice his rain boots are on the wrong feet?  He did not want to put them on the right feet.

I don't remember what he's saying here.  It took him a long time to find this egg.  It was resting on the butterfly in plain sight and we kept trying to steer him to it.

Mr. W was fascinated with the crawfish.

More egg hunting.

Isn't this flower beautiful?  It is a Louisiana Purple Iris.

Every year we buy them confetti eggs to crack over their heads.

Here is Mr. W trying to get his Silly String to work.  He didn't have the strength to push down on the nozzle so I helped him.  They were a lot of fun.  I wish I had gotten several more cans.

Sweet P is showing how brave she is to hold the crawfish.

And of course big sister meets the challenge.

This little guy is running around in circles being chased by Sweet P.

He's getting a little braver touching the back of the crawfish.  He can't be outdone by his sisters!

I think instead of presents next Christmas we'll just chase him around in circles.  He loved it!

The crawfish were delicious.  Great job Brad!

I am sad to say I did not take one single pic of us "pocking eggs".  Can you believe that?  I also didn't get any pics of Brad's sister and brother-in-law.  After we finished eating we played Catch Phrase.  Have you ever played it?  This was mine and the hub's first time and it was so much fun.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.  Each couple made up a team.  It was so much fun we are going to buy our own game.  You should try it.  I think you'll love it, too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday.

Take care,



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