Apr 20, 2016

Weekend Recap

On Friday night Mary (my good friend from Natural Rewards) invited me to go with her to Urban Coyote Boutique in Pearland.  She had been invited to a showing they were having with food and wine and she invited me to go along!  I am really glad she did!

Urban Coyote Boutique has really cute clothes, shoes and accessories at an affordable price.  A boutique look without the high prices.  I have a few photos I took with my iPhone.  I really should have taken more for you to see what they carry.  But it was really hard to balance a glass of Sangria and take pics with my iPhone at the same time.  Here's their Facebook link.  

The top two tops have polka dotted scarves to match.  It looks really cute on.

I love the brown and turquoise together.

After we shopped, we went to Pho Anh Bistro in Pearland.  It is a Vietnamese restaurant.  Any one that knows me knows that Vietnamese food would not be my first choice but Mary talked me into it.  Ha ha!  Let me just say the food was every bit as good as she said it would be.  :)

She ordered the Pineapple Fried Rice.  It is fried rice served in a hollowed out pineapple shell.  It was delicious!

I ordered the Flaming Coconut Shrimp for my entree.  The shrimp are cooked right in front of you on a flaming coconut and served with hot sweet and sour sauce.  It was so good!!!

I love getting together with Mary.  We ALWAYS have a wonderful time!!!

I made Chicken Tortilla soup in the crockpot.  I have to say that if you do not like (or can't eat) sour cream and cheese with your soup it does not taste near as good as it does with it.  The flavors all work so well together.  This was the first time I added the avocado.  I must say it was delicious!

The hubs does not eat it (he does not like it) so I eat for days and then freeze the rest.  I shared the recipe with you here.  It's crazy how much recycling one can do when cooking in the crockpot.  :)

I used up the last of my Orleans Creme Brûlée candle so I was having withdrawals.  For real!  I normally buy it at Thad's in Old Town Spring which includes shopping and making a day of it.  I decided it would be best if I just ordered it.  That way I would not be tempted to go shopping in all those cute little stores.  :(

I placed my order with Orleans Candles on Tuesday and received it on Thursday.  I was over the moon!!!  All was right with the world not really but I can pretend, right?  Our home smells so good!!!  #orleanscandles  #creambrulee  #happyface

Hands down, this is my favorite scent.  Have you smelled it?  You really should give it a whiff.

I can't go without mentioning the horrible flooding that has taken place in Houston since Sunday night.  Our city needs your thoughts and prayers as we move through this time.  So many lives were lost and so many homes were flooded.  The people in the Meyerland area had flooded last Memorial weekend and were just moved back in to their homes or were about to move in.  My heart and prayers go out to them and everyone else that has been affected by this recent flood.  Please say a special prayer for our great city, Houston, TX.

Take care,



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