Jul 5, 2016


Last Thursday the hubs and I drove to Lake Charles to see his mom.   We had a really nice visit.  After lunch, we went to Eighty-one.  I had never heard of it before and his mom was sure we would love it.  Turns out we did love it! 

Look how big this bougainvillea is...it was beautiful!

There were old screen doors leaning on the outside of the building.

These would look so good at a beach house.



Check out the large pieces of driftwood.

There were fleur de lis everywhere!!!  In every size and color.

Community Coffee is very popular in Louisiana.

Evangeline Maid bread and snacks.  It was always a treat to go to the Evangeline Maid store and pick out the snacks we wanted.


I love the Mardi Gras decor.



I love this fireplace mantel.  #myheartswoons

A color for everyone!!!

They had beautiful old wooden doors.

Lots of LSU Tigers and Who Dat?  #geauxtigers

The hubs bought the sign below for his office.


The hubs bought the guitar for a coworker.

I really like this towel bar.

We really enjoyed taking a step back into time gone by.

Eighty-one is located at 3507 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, LA.
Their email address is 81creativity@gmail.com.
They can be reached at 337-478-8115.

Take care and have a great week!!!




  1. Glad ya'll enjoyed. Never know what you gonna get-Lol. Enjoyed your visit come back soon. Love ya, your MIL

    1. We enjoyed our visit with you. Hope to see you soon. Brooke loves the glass cooking ware. Love you!