Sep 16, 2016

Sweet P's First Gymnastic Competition of 2016

Sweet P had her first gymnastic meet on August 27th in Santa Fe, TX.  It sounds so far away but it's only about 30 minutes from home.

Here are a few shots of her warming up.  Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Sweet P was the first one to compete on her team in all four categories, beam, floor, vault and bars.

She fell off of the beam at the very beginning so she got a score of 8.775.  We told her we were so proud that she did not let the fall affect the rest of her competition.  She is so good about letting things just roll off.

Her next competition was on the floor.

She got a score of 9.550.

Next up is vault.

She received a score of 9.525.

Mr. W was so good.

Here is Sweet P doing her bar exercise.

She received a 9.575.

Here is a group shot.  You can barely see her head on the right side, second row, second one from the end.

Pearland Elite won 1st overall and qualified for district.  Woo hoo!!!

She is so proud of her medal.  And we are so proud of her!!!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!



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