Dec 20, 2016

Our Holiday Home Tour - My Office

Hello and happy Tuesday!!!  So happy you could stop by.  Today we are in my office.  As you can see I LOVE Disney, especially Mickey Mouse.


 It's only fitting that I have my own Mickey Mouse Santa hat, right?

This is the first Christmas I have my ghost chairs.  I love the way you can see right through them!

I am so happy the hardware on my doors and drawers have been changed.

I used a smaller ribbon this year to intertwine the branches of my tree.

It was with a sad heart I had to get rid of one of my motion Mickey Mouse(s).  Some how or another his head came off while in the attic.  I tried hard to fix him to no avail.  :(

The hubs bought this sweet statue for me while we were at DW celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Yes, Christmas was really 22 days away when I took the photo.  :)

I think Mickey Mouse looks really nice sitting in the ghost chair.

I bought this sweet Mickey the trip the girls and I were there celebrating Tiffani's college graduation in December of 2001.  Due to 9/11, there was hardly anyone at Disney World or Universal Studios.  It was like a ghost town.

I love my Disney village.  Every year I try hard not to add any more pieces as I don't want it to consume my office.  Believe me it takes a lot of restraint.

Some of the pieces are from a set I purchased at Sam's many years ago and the rest are from Department 56.

To be honest, I prefer the houses that aren't Department 56 simply because their parts are so delicate and I always end up breaking something I can't repair.  The other houses are so much more sturdy and not so intricate.  Don't get me wrong I am all about the details.  I'd just like them to be able to withstand me getting them out of the box!

Many years ago I stumbled upon this Disney World castle in Old Town Spring.  It was marked down to $22.99 regular $130.  I snapped it up so fast and did a happy dance all the way home.

I love this retro topper.

On our anniversary trip I had a stocking delivered to our room for the hubs.  I had it filled with all kinds of goodies for the room.  He loved it.  He found me a stocking and went from shop to shop trying to find someone to match the font.  One of the stores at MGM Studios embroidered it for us even though it wasn't a font they normally did.  He was so happy!

How do you like Goofy's red bow headband?

I love my Disney slippers.  They are coming in handy with this really cold weather we are having.  My Mickey Mouse Santa hat drapes over the trash can when I am working at my computer.  Isn't it adorable?

I love this print we signed by the artist Greg McCullough.  It is so special.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you are tackling your "to do" lists and getting things done.  I have to go to the grocery store in the morning to prepare for Brooke's birthday, and Christmas Eve.  I am so excited the holidays are here.

I know the holidays can be hard.  I am thinking of you and praying for you as you move through this week.  Whatever you do, please do not let anyone ruin your holidays.  Do not give them that power.  Unfortunately some people feel this is the time to rehash things that can't be solved by you or in a conversation.  Walk away...don't let them cause you to miss the special moments.  I had an encounter this past weekend (no it wasn't my mother) that knocked me off of my tracks.  Never saw it coming.  I finally had a "come to Jesus" talk with myself last night and asked myself what would I tell a close friend if something like this had happened to them?  My response was "don't give them the power to take away your love of this time of the year".  Trying to live by my own words.  :)

Take care,



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