Jan 12, 2017

Ms. A's Birthday Celebration

Ms. A's birthday is on New Year's Day.  And yes, she won the big beautiful basket of goodies!

Ms. A wanted to celebrate her birthday at the Best Shot Shooting Range so we did.  She had been a few times before with her dad so it wasn't new to her.  This was my first time at a shooting range so I didn't know what to expect.  I was excited to see if I was going to be able to "hit the target" as I did last year when we attended the Kickapoo Kamp weekend.


My first time to shoot, with a .22 handgun, I hit the target.  I couldn't believe it!  Maybe I do have some shooting skills!  I was so excited!  I didn't shoot much after that because I wanted the girls to have as much time as possible shooting.

Here's a pic of the birthday girl!  Eleven years old...where has the time gone?

Justin was so good in reminding us of gun safety, how to lay the gun down, etc.

Here's a pic of Sweet P watching her Uncle Brad load the clip.

How cute is she?

She is having to stand on her toes to be able to shoot.

Knowing Sweet P, she is probably supervising her Uncle Brad and telling him what to do.  :)

I love the way Ms. A has one long ringlet in the middle of her hair.

Everyone had a really good time.

Afterwards, we all went to Luna's Mexican Restaurant for dinner.  I tried to get a pic of Mr. W but they all came out blurry.  He was so excited he didn't want to keep still.  :)

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Take care,



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