Feb 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl


We celebrated this sweet girl's birthday on Super Bowl Sunday.  The theme she chose for her party was Wonder Woman.  

So..... she asked me to make her cake and of course I said yes.  I needed to get a visual of what she was looking for so I introduced her to Cake Central.  She loved it!  :)  I set her up a Pinterest board (under mine) and showed her how to pin her favorite cakes.   :)  She found a cake she wanted so I attempted to make it for her.  She was pretty excited when she saw her cake.  Mr. W was pretty impressed, too.  He wants me to make a pirate cake for his birthday.   In two weeks.  :)


I love the bright colored streamers hanging from the ceiling.

Sweet P chose to celebrate her birthday on Super Bowl Sunday even though she
doesn't watch football.  :)    


Tiffani made homemade lasagna rolls.  They were delicious!  Like really, really good!  I'll have to get the recipe from her so I can learn to make them (I'll share the recipe with you).

After we ate it was time to open up her gifts.

 A girl can always use a little "spending money".  :)


Sweet P loves to read (much like the rest of the girls in our family) so we got her a couple of books to add to her collection.

Aunt Nonnie and Uncle Brad gave her several more books to add to her collection.  Aunt Nonnie treated her to a manicure and a pedicure on the day of her birthday.  

I ordered this cute leo for her from Aelitedesign on Etsy way back in early December.  I think she looks adorable in it.

After we ate, we played LOLZ (shared with you here) and Catch Phrase.  We laughed and laughed until we had tears rolling down our faces.  Seriously!  Those two games are so much fun.  Let's just say I'm not very good at giving clues for Catch Phrase.  I need to work on giving clues without saying one of the words.  :)   From what I've been told, I give one clue and look at my team like can't you figure it out?  :)  Everybody thinks it's so funny....all while I am so serious trying to come up with a clue that doesn't get me in trouble!


We all watched the Super Bowl game to the very end.  What a game!!!!  I had anticipated a good game but it certainly exceeded my expectations.  I was conflicted as to who I wanted to win...the New England Patriots because Tom Brady is such a "stand up" guy (great role model) or the Atlanta Falcons because they had never won a Super Bowl game.  I thought Lady Gaga did a great job at half time.

Today is Debbie's (my SIL) birthday.  Happy birthday Debbie!!!  Love you!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and an even better rest of the week.

Take care,



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