Mar 1, 2017

Our Mardi Gras Celebration

Hello there!  I hope you were able to partake in our tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras.
Like the sign says "we don't hide the crazy...we parade it down the street".  :)


I picked up a King Cake at the grocery store for our little celebration.  Here's a little history behind the King Cake.


I cooked bacon and little smoky sausages....

and lots and lots of pancakes.  This is only one batch in the pic below.

I picked up the grandkids and brought them over (their mom had a meeting) and I played Mardi Gras music on the way home.  It was hilarious to see their reaction.  OMG!!!  I was laughing hysterically.  Ms. A recorded (just sound) Mr. W's reaction because he was so funny.  I tried so many ways to share it with you but it doesn't work on the blog.  :(  I will treasure the recording always.

Upon arrival, they ate and then we watched Disney's the Princess and the Frog.  


And yes, I forgot to take pics of the kiddos.  :)  I was enjoying them so much.

Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

Take care,



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