Apr 14, 2017

Our Weekend in Waco

I am so late in getting this post up.  Believe it or not, I took over 800 photos and videos that weekend.  Crazy, right?   Late as I am, I wanted to make sure I captured the weekend since it was Mr. W's first road trip without his parents and his first trip to Waco.

There are lots of pics ahead.  You may want to hit the escape button right about now!

Here's a pic of the grandkids before we left home.  Can you tell they were a little excited?

Here are a few pics of the many flowers we saw on our way up to Waco.  It is really hard to capture good pics going 70 mph down the highway but I did manage to snag a few.

As you can see, I have more pics of the yellow flowers than I do of the bluebonnets.  There weren't lots of them on the road we were on.  My original plan was to make a detour and go to a field that was full of bluebonnets to take the grands pics.  However, I ditched that plan because there was so much we wanted to do once we arrived in Waco.

I loved all of the flags that were on display in Calvert.

Mr. W stayed awake the entire trip to Waco.  He fell asleep as we were in line to get lunch at the place he requested...Chic-fil-a.  :)


I stayed in the truck with him while the hubs and the girls checked us in to the hotel.  All in all, I think he had a 20 minute nap.

We bought new Baylor gear at HEB.  Can you believe we got his Nike outfit for only $11.00?

It was early afternoon so we headed down to the silos and the Magnolia Market.  I knew they were holding "Spring at the Silos" and would have over 100 artisans/vendors offering unique goods.  Since we had already been to the Silos and the Magnolia Market a couple of times before, our main goal was to go to the bakery and let the grands get cupcakes.  Ha!  There were so.many.people.  The line for the bakery was probably two hours long.  No kidding!  There was no way I was going to subject them to standing that long in a line just for cupcakes.  On Saturday we spoke to one of the policemen of Waco and he told us there were something like 16,000 people that were checked out at the Magnolia Store on Friday.  Phew!  So glad we missed that crowd!


 A beautiful Baptist church on our way to the Silos.

So instead of shopping, we headed over to the ballpark for some really good crawfish my brother had boiled.  He is really good at boiling crawfish.

These two are always playing together.

Ms. A is a very sweet big sister.  One of the family members of one of the ball players asked me if she does it because she wants to or because she has to.  I told him it is because she wants to.  She is so patient and loving.  A really great kid.

The game didn't start until 8 p.m. so we walked over to the water to check things out.

I love these pics of the two of them.

On our way back we stopped off at the batting cage to see some of the players practicing.

It was St. Patrick's Day so the moms of the players all had on their BU shamrock shirts.  Here is my SIL and Martha.  She is Joe's mom...a super sweet lady.

The weather was beautiful.

Baylor vs. West Virginia

How cute is he?  He was so good the entire trip.

When he wasn't watching the baseball game, he was playing his games.

She is so funny!  She wanted a pic of her cap.

I wish I could remember the facts of the game but it has been way too long!

You can see the highlights of the game here.

He was so happy he was sleeping with his maw maw.


The game on Saturday started at 3:05 p.m.  One of the ball player's dad grilled fajitas for everyone.  It was so good.

I don't have any pics from the game.  :)  Not sure why.

Baylor lost to West Virginia 6-5.  Kam hit a homer and 2 RBI's.  He was the player of the game.  You can see the stats here.  They don't have a video.

Here's a pic of Kameron and the kiddos.

After the game, we went to Joe's place (Martha's son) and my brother boiled two sacks of crawfish for a few of the players.  The kids were so excited.  They've only been to two or three crawfish boils so they were excited to play with the crawfish not to mention hanging out with the baseball players.  :)

Kam and Joe showing them the crawfish.

Notice how Mr. W is hanging back.

Here is a cute pic of Joe talking to Mr. W about the crawfish.

The hubs and I went to the store to get mosquito spray and picked up a plastic bat and ball thinking they may want to play.  They had so much fun.  I have a few videos of him teaching them how to play.  He was so patient with them.  They played for at least an hour.  You can hear my brother talking smack on how Kam should coach them.

We got to our rooms around 11 p.m.  Everyone had to take showers after playing outside.  :)  Mr. W was fast asleep in no time.

We had another beautiful day on Sunday.  The game started at 11:05 a.m. 

Here are a few pics with the bears.

Every time I would yell "go Bears" or the player's name he would repeat it.  It was the cutest thing.  He would be playing his game, never look up and repeat what I said.  Here's a time I was yelling for Matt Menard.  

The funniest one was on Saturday.  I yelled "go Matt" and he yelled "go b-what" really loud.  He was so used to saying "go Bears" he barely caught on that I had changed my yell.  We all started laughing.  He was so funny.  Everyone around us was laughing at what he had yelled.

In three days at the ball park, these kids ate Cheetos, Skittles, M&Ms, and some other chewy candy.  They had popcorn, pretzels and lots of water.

Kameron autographed both of the girls baseball caps.

Seventh inning stretch.

It was a great game.  Baylor won 5-1.  Kameron hit a home run and 3 RBIs.  He was also player of the game for the second day in a row.

You can see the highlights of the game here.

Here they are waiting to talk to Kam after the game.

Here's a pic of Kam being interviewed after the game.

I snapped a few more pics on the way home.

The fields of yellow flowers were so pretty.

I snapped this one just as we got on 290.

We had a wonderful weekend with lots of silliness and tons of fun.  I want to thank my brother and SIL again for the awesome crawfish.  I also want to thank Kameron for taking the time to play with the kids.  They will remember for years to come the fun they had that night.

We will definitely be going back as there were two things we didn't do that was on our list.  One was get cupcakes at the bakery and the other was to see the bridge at night.  We'll make sure it's not on a weekend when something is going on at the Silos!  :)

Take care,



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