Nov 16, 2017

A Little Christmas Cheer

Last Friday I went over to Fran's to help her add some Christmas cheer to her home.  She and her husband are hosting family for the Thanksgiving holidays and she wanted me to make a garland for her mantle and assist her in decorating the patio.

Here is a close up of the garland I made.  I used purple poinsettias with purple and gold ribbons.  LSU colors.  Geaux Tigers!!!  The gold looks a little silvery in the photos but it is really gold.


Well if you know me I don't stop there.  :)  Not when it comes to Christmas.  You have seen my home, right?  Ha ha!!!

She had decorated her trees and made a couple of arrangements.  Everything was looking so pretty.  If you know me you know I'm not going to stop there.  I asked her if she had any table linens and/or dishes she would want to display for the holidays.  She looked at me kind of funny and went along with me.  She got out some really pretty gold crackled chargers that really dressed up the table.  She had a very pretty set of china that had not seen the light of day in at least 12 years that ended up being a perfect match.  She had the perfect colored green set of glasses and a pretty set of gold silverware.

We added the pretty green balls hanging from the chandelier.  I think it turned out beautiful.

Here are a few closeup photos of the tree in the dining room.

She had a beautiful flocked tree in the family room.

The patio was done in a whimsical theme.  I think it turned out really pretty.

You can see we added a second candy cane to the tree.  Is it just me or doesn't it make the tree look taller?

She hung the pretty Santa in the corner of the patio.

 Ornaments were hung at different lengths all around the patio.

Amber and Bella helped us out from time to time.  Giving us an encouraging nudge along the way.

I think everything turned out beautifully.

Hope you are having a wonderful evening!!!

Take care,




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