Home Tour

Hello!  Welcome to our home.  We are so glad that you stopped by!
Please feel free to slip your shoes off while I get you a glass of sweet tea.

We have been in our home for 24 years.  At the time, we bought what we could afford and over time we have made it into "our" home.  I can remember someone told me "you are buying a tract home".  My response was yes we are, but when you enter our home you will know that you are in "our home".  It will not look like any other home in our subdivision.  I am so grateful that I do not remember who spoke those words to me.

During this time we have remodeled our home three times.  Mr. K likes to say "we have moved three times but we still have the same address".  :)  So true.  I intend on "digging out" the original photos of our home so you can see just how far we have come....not to mention how much our taste has changed.  

Here is the first of many fleur de lis that you will find throughout our home.  I am a believer that you can never have too many fleur de lis!!!   

For me this plaque says it all, "Home Sweet Home".  This is how your home should feel.  Your escape from the world where you can relax and enjoy your home.  Surround yourself with things that make you smile.

Upon entering our home, you will find french doors to your left and your right.  The doors to the left are for the game room and Mr. K's office.  The doors to the right are for my office.  The original design of our home had a formal living room to the left and a formal dining room to the right.  Both of these rooms had open entries.  There were no doors.

We found that we were not using our formal rooms so we eliminated them and made them into rooms that we use on a daily basis.  After all, the only thing I was using our dining table for was my craft projects so why not make it an official craft room, right?  :) 

You have now entered our family room.  We spend most of our time here when we are not in the pool.  The statue below is named "Family".  I forget who the artist is.  We gave this as a gift to Mr. K's uncle 23 years ago.  He left it to us when he passed away.  We really treasure it.

Our TV and other equipment are housed in the entertainment center.  Yes, it really is as big as it looks.  I discovered this piece when we were shopping for our table and chairs for the breakfast room.  I immediately fell in love with it.  Needless to say, it was one of those moments Mr. K thought I had lost my mind.  I love the detail and old world look of it.  For three years we debated whether or not we should get it.  One day I realized how hard it was to find so I told him if we wanted it we needed to get it before it was no longer available.  We were able to get it from Beaumont, TX.  It arrived in two pieces and weighs close to 900 lbs.

This is not the original fireplace.  We have changed the tile on two separate occasions.  We replaced the original mantle because the edge was so rounded you couldn't hang Christmas stockings on it.  It is now hanging on the opposite wall.  

The original mantle is the bottom shelf on this wall.  We had the carpenter "copy" it and make a shorter shelf to go above it.  This made it so much easier to decorate this wall while providing shelving for family photos.

We watch TV, movies, play games and "hang out" in this room.  The coffee table is perfect for coloring, crafts, or whatever we may be doing.

We added trim to frame out the three windows to "dress them up".  It's crazy how $100 can make such a huge difference.

You can see that I have stored our board games under the side table.  It makes it so much easier to get them out when the girls want to play.

Here is the view of our pool from the inside of our home.  

I "fell in love" with the open concept of this floor plan.  I liked being able to see into the family room from the kitchen.

Our original cabinets were oak.  We had these cabinets put in a couple of years ago.  We already had the counter tops and backsplash so we had the bottoms resurfaced and the top ones made.  We had the carpenter go to the ceiling with these which gives us more storage.  Storage that I have to get a ladder to reach unless one of my son-in-laws are over!  :)  It's crazy how they can reach the top shelf!!!

As you can see, we have a galley kitchen.  It has worked well for us with all of the counter top space.  More room to decorate, right?!!!

We had the carpenter build two lights to match the cabinets.

We added cabinets above the fridge.  My cookbooks are stored there.  We added glass to the four doors on the right for the feel of a hutch since we do not have a formal dining room.

I love this sign that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Our breakfast table has two leaves so we can sit the whole clan together.  This has become our formal area.

Here is our main bathroom.  I love the wallpaper.  If you look closely, you may see a few Fleur de lis.  :)  It's kind of like Hidden Mickey's.  Right?

The carpenter that built our kitchen cabinets also built our bathroom cabinets.  This design is the opposite of the master bathroom.  This counter protrudes out while the other one goes in.

I was tired of the art work in these frames so I replaced them with family photos.  The frames matched so well I could not see getting rid of them.

Over the years Mr. K would say "this is not going to be our last house".  I'd look at him like he was crazy!  Why would I move from a home that we have molded to be exactly what we want?  I think he wanted something more majestic and impressive.  Not me!!!  So much of our time and love made this house our home and I did not want to think of starting over when are so happy here.  Putting in the pool sealed the deal for us....we are staying!!!  Yippee!!!!

Our original floor plan had four bedrooms.  We removed the wall between the formal living room and the first bedroom to make a game room....all for an official pool sized table that is used more by me making crafts than playing pool.  Just saying!!!  :)  Mr. K received an inheritance from his uncle and wanted to buy a new home for this bad boy.  I convinced him to take a wall down and combine the two rooms.

I wanted the small door to mimic the French doors so we had these put in.  The room is outlined in the color of the felt of the pool table.  I have lots of ideas to "redo" this room.  The wall paper is outdated so I  want to put in coffered ceilings and maybe some wood paneling or trim.

We were limited in space so we had the carpenter build a table to hold drinks while playing pool, right?  I am so bad!!!

The next room up is my office.

As you can see, it is decorated in Disney.  I absolutely love all things Disney.  Especially Disney World.  If I could, I'd go every year but I can't so I'll settle for going every three to five years!  How do you like my Minnie ears that I put on top of the topiary?  I got them at Disney World last December when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  We had so much fun!!!

This was our formal dining room and we converted it to my office.  I have all of my craft stuff organized in the cabinets.  These are the doors we added that go into the foyer.

Here is the hallway leading to the main bath and the two guest bedrooms.

Several years back I faux painted the bottom part of the wall and stenciled fleur de lis above the chair rail.  My reason for doing the treatment in here was to disguise the marks on the wall the girls made with their backpacks, etc.  I really need to update our family photos.  :(

Here is the first guest room.  

This is the headboard I featured here.

 Here is the second guest room.  I textured and painted these walls before I did the hallway.  I did not use texture in the hall.  The carpenter that built our cabinets made the header for this window.  I covered it with a fabric that coordinated with the comforter set before this one.  I have extra fabric to match that I am supposed to be making pillow shams out of.  In fact, my old sewing machine broke while I was making them.  :(  Let's just say I was very upset because I had not used that machine hardly at all.  But that's a post for another day!

My favorite pillow is on this bed.  I did a post on it here.

I am still searching for something to go on the wall above the bed.

Instead of buying a side table, I just stole the chests I had in the game room.  I love the look.

This piece of art  has a lot of meaning to Mr. K and I.  We purchased it at our first auction that we attended during our first reno.  It originally had a mauve mat and hung over the fireplace many years ago.  It is called "The Three Graces".

Here is our master bedroom.  Yes, there are nine pillows on our bed.  :)  And no, Mr. K does not complain!!!

In the original plans for our home there was a window where we now have French doors.

Last but not least, is our master bath.  The same carpenter built all of the cabinets in our home.  I designed this cabinet to be the opposite of the cabinet in the main bathroom.

We replaced the original large builder grade mirror with these two mirrors.

This photo is a little blurry but I think you can see what it says.  This is so very true!!!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. I am loving the tour of your home. I happened upon your blog from somewhere and am so happy I did.

    1. Thank you Catie An. I am so happy you did.

  2. Beautiful Home and I love your decor style!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Renae! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season!