Sep 16, 2014

Ceiling Medallion for Breakfast Room - Update

I am so excited!!!  I finally painted the ceiling medallion for the breakfast room.  My inspiration for this project were the table and chairs in the breakfast room.
Chair back
Pedestal of table
Here is a photo of the medallion before I painted it.
First things first.  Must have Pandora playing loudly in the background.  :)
Supplies Needed:

Paper Plate
Paint Brush
Anita's All Purpose Gloss in Glossy Black
Plaid Folk Art Artist's Pigment in Burnt Umber
Decor Art Dazzling Metallic in Venetian Gold
I painted a base coat of gloss black.

 As I impatiently waited for the medallion to dry, I mixed the Burnt Umber and the Venetian Gold together.
I used a smaller brush with less stiff bristles to add the accent color.
 I randomly painted the raised areas of the medallion to add a little glitz and glamour.
 I am very excited to see it above the light fixture.
We have a lot going on this week so I'll be really surprised if we get it up soon.  I can't wait to see it done.  I have my fingers crossed that it may get done before we leave for McKinney, TX but I'm not holding my breath!!!

Take care,


Sep 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

Ms. A navigating the muddy soccer field.  She is so cute!
Our Saturday started off with Ms. A's soccer game.  The weather was nice and cool with lots of clouds.  The ground was pretty muddy in some areas from all of the rain we had last week.  I had on my Croc flip flops so my feet were pretty gross.  :)

I got some really cute photos of "little man".

He was pretty serious while eating.....but that didn't last long.
He turned on the charm......
Mr. W with his daddy.
Paw Paw and Mr. W
Mr. W was fascinated with a dog that was there.  He kept wanting to go and see it.

On the go wearing his shirt Nonnie and Uncle Brad bought for him in Baltimore.
After the soccer game, Brooke, Brad, Kevin and I went to eat lunch at Cheddar's.  It was mine and Kevin's first time there....the food was really good.  I had the salmon and he had the chicken fried steak.  From there we went to Hobby Lobby and Brooke and Brad's home.

We got home just in time for me to get cleaned up for a Premier Jewelry party at Mary's.  I had a great time.  I picked out a couple of necklaces for me.  Can't wait for them to come in.

LSU beat Louisiana Monroe 31-0.  Here's an article on what Les Miles had to say about the win.  Geaux tigers!!!

I accomplished all but one of the things on my "to do" list.  All I have left to do is sew the European shams for the back bedroom.  Woo Hoo!!!

I sewed two panels for the last pole on the patio, two panels for the french doors (outside) and two panels to hang on each side of the windows in the family room.

I love how the fabric matches the pillow so well.
Here's my sewing machine.
 I sewed the curtains while watching the Texans beat the Oakland Raiders 30-14.

I'll post pictures tomorrow of the ceiling medallion I painted.

Take care,


Sep 12, 2014

Displaying Art and Family Photos

Family Room
I am writing this post so I can link up to Kelly's Korner.  Her post for today is all about Gallery Walls, both art and family photos.

Family Room
I purchased these frames with art work from Kirkland's many years ago.  I grew tired of the art work but I did not want to get rid of the frames since they matched the bathroom so well.  I replaced the art work with family photos.  I am so much happier with this look.

Entry into Family Room
My Office

Game Room
Hubby's LSU/Golf Area
Breakfast Room

I found this at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it.

Years ago I had many, many frames with family photos on the walls in the hallway.  I grew tired of the many frames so I went with these larger frames.  I like these frames because they are larger and much nicer.  I found them at Kirkland's.

I'd love to hear from you how you display your art work and family photos.

Take care,


My Weekend "To Do" List

Okay, I know you are not interested in what I have on my "to do" list.  This is really for me.  I am hoping it will hold me accountable so I can get a few projects finished.   If the weather forecast is right, we are going to be getting quite a bit of rain around here this weekend.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about the rain.  I am always grateful for any rain that we get.

The first item on my list is to sew the four panels of curtains for outside.  One pair for the last pole and the other for the french doors.  After that, I will sew the panels for the family room.  I am determined to get them up before I start decorating for Christmas in a couple of weeks.

The second item is to paint the ceiling medallion for the breakfast room.  I have finally decided how I want to paint it.  I just need to get the supplies.

The third item on my list is to sew the European shams for the back bedroom.  This project should go rather quickly since I have already cut out the fabric.  I just need to sew it up.  (My old sewing machine broke on me when I was making these last year.)

Now I am adding my full disclosure:  if the weather man is wrong and the weather is beautiful I will be hanging out in the pool.  No questions asked.  I have to enjoy every minute I can before it gets too cold!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend doing the things you love with the people you love!

Take care,


Sep 11, 2014

LSU Theme Cakes


I am pretty sure that I have mentioned  before that my husband is a HUGE LSU fan.  I figured since it's football season I'd check out the LSU cakes at  

*Buttercream with fondant tiger stripes and hand painted tiger cut from fondant

Photo 1 of 1
Lots of details.....

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
Gorgeous work......

Photo 1 of 1
Love the fleur de lis....

lsu cake

Photo 2 of 2

Any and all of these cakes would work perfectly as a groom's cake.

Be sure and check out for ideas for any style/type of cake that you need.  Just be prepared to spend some time there and be amazed at the talent you will find.

Take care,