Oct 24, 2014

Hey It's Friday!!!

Thank God it's Friday!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  The hubby has been out of town this week and will be
back this afternoon. Woo Hoo!!!

I am so excited to get the last couple of containers back in the attic.  (I'm doing my happy dance!)  I hope to get a few things done like putting up the ceiling medallion, trim the Knockout Roses and, if there is enough time, hang the curtains.  The hubs wants to have mulch brought in so we can plant Pansies next weekend.  Oh how I love Pansies!!!

I like to go with a variety instead of just one color.

I plan on taking lots of photos of the Christmas decorations so I can share them with
you next week.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Any movies you want to go see?

Here's a fun throwback to the seventies.  :)

I hope you have  a wonderful weekend doing the things you love
with the ones you love!

Take care,


Oct 23, 2014

Cheetah Christmas Tree

 Here's a look at the Cheetah tree I put up in our master bedroom.  I am very
happy with the way it turned out.
I bought the fillers, toppers, ribbon, sparkly balls, and flowers at Decorator's
Warehouse in Arlington, TX.
These fun ornaments came from the Decorator's Warehouse.

These darling boot ornaments came from Hobby Lobby.

 The stylish purse ornaments also came from Hobby Lobby.
Last night I added lights, ornaments and ribbon to the garland that is on top of our entertainment center.  It looks so good.  I was so happy with it when I finished that I squealed with delight!!!  It is so awesome to have a vision in your head become a reality.

Do you decorate your home for the holidays?  If so, when do you begin decorating?

Hope you have a great day!

Take care,


Oct 22, 2014

Magic Bands


Woo hoo!!!  Our Magic Bands arrived this past Monday!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  This can only mean one thing....our trip is getting closer.  :)  OMG!!!  I am so excited!!!  (Can you tell?)

Here's a closeup of our bands.  Our name is printed on the inside of each of our bands.  The bands are so awesome.  You use them to access your hotel room, enter the parks and pay for anything you buy.  It is so cool.

Funny story.  The hubs and I went to Disney World last December to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.  The bands were new to Disney World and to us so there were some kinks to work out, right?  The first place we went to was Downtown Disney and the hubs went to buy some candy.  He waved his band and the guy told him he had reached his limit for the day!  He was like what?  This is the first time I use it.  Lucky for us we still had money on us so he was able to get his candy.

A not so funny story.  The next day we went to the parks and proceeded to match our band to Mickey and our bands did not show that we had park tickets.  :(  We had to go to Guest Services and wait for them to correct the problem.  Once they fixed the problem it was all good from that point on.

Now if only I could put my Magic Band on, wave my arm and be finished with my decorating!

Have you had any experiences (good and bad) with the Magic Bands?

Hope you have a great day!

Take care,


Oct 21, 2014

LSU Christmas Tree

There is so much more going on behind the scenes of what I am going to show you today.  I have finished decorating every tree in the house (seven + a modern one), hung up almost all of the art work (thanks to hubby's help), and laid out the villages (thanks to Brooke for doing the one on the bar!).  However, there are things I need to finish like snow for the villages, rework the garland so it stays together when I pack it up after Christmas, make a decision on what I want to put on the coffee table,  switch out the wreath for the picture of Santa, etc.  Follow me?  :)

Here are the steps I go through to decorate the LSU Christmas tree.  This tree has lots of ornaments of all different sizes and almost all of them are breakable.  The first thing I do is lay them out on the pool table in like groups.  This makes it so much easier to "grab n' hang".

The first thing that goes on the tree is the topper, which in this case, is the helment.  The helment is very heavy so I use the branches to balance it so it stays put.
Next I hang the ornaments that go on the inside of the tree so it has some color and depth when you look into the tree.  The Jester goes up next.  Followed by the special ornaments, etc.  The last thing I add is the filler that goes on the top of the tree and throughout the tree.
Here's a photo of the finished tree.  It took me about three hours to fluff and decorate it.  I did it while I was watching the Houston Texans and Pittsburgh Steelers game.  Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled with the outcome of the game.  The Texans lost 30-23.
I know some people say I am crazy.  I like to say that I am crazy for Christmas!

Hope you have a great day!!!

Take care,


Oct 20, 2014

Thank Goodness for Monday!!!

Yes, you read that right.  I am so glad it is Monday.  We were so busy over the weekend that I am happy to be at work so I can sit down and rest.  :)   Seriously!!!

I have been wanting to change our TV programming provider for some time now and the hubs finally agreed so they were in our home all day on Saturday changing out the equipment until around 8 p.m. that evening.

Something you may not know about the hubs is that he is not very comfortable with change when it comes to our electronics (Bose system, programming said remote control, etc.) because he does not know how to program it.  I completely forgot about this until we were in the final stretch.  The minute I saw the "glazed look" in his eyes I thought to myself "I didn't think this one through".  Especially when there is an LSU game on, right?  :)  The programming was on in time for the game, no problem there.  However, the picture was not clear.  At all.  He questioned why and was told we did not request HD channels.  Slight misunderstanding but all was corrected so he could watch the game in HD.  The only problem we ended up with was the Bose remote control was not operating the TV like it was before.  This meant the remote that goes with the new system was not infrared and did not work through the closed door.  :)  I mean we can't have an open door, right?  Lucky for us we are blessed to have our son-in-law Justin do these things for us.  Yesterday we celebrated his birthday at Benihana's and had cake at Brooke and Brad's.  He was kind enough to come over afterwards and reprogrammed the Bose remote control and set things back the way they were.....so all is good now!  

In spite of our busy schedules this weekend I was able to get most all of my decorating done.  All I have left is the LSU tree and to "redo" the garland on the mantel.  Last year when I remade the garland I did not secure the ribbon on well enough so when we packed it, it did not stay in place.  My bad.  :(

We did manage to switch out the art work so that is all done.  Thanks to the hubs for that one.  Funny story.  We were changing out the art work over the master bed and heard a crashing sound.  We weren't sure what it was....it didn't sound like something had broke.  We walked through the house several times trying to see what it was....couldn't find anything.  (I am thinking gremlins, right?  I am also thinking that I'm glad I am not alone.)  Right before I went to bed I figured out what it was....the metal topper that goes on top of my candle.  It doesn't fit well so it just rests on top of the candle.  I was relieved to finally know what had made the noise.  :)

I hope you had a good weekend....

Take care,