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Sep 21, 2016

A Beautiful Sunset

Two weeks ago the hubs and I drove out to Brooke and Brad's home.  While we were there, we were blessed with a beautiful sunset.

Look closely at the clouds just above the line of trees.  Don't the clouds look like they are shadows of the trees?

We loved having a front row seat to such a show.  It was gorgeous!

Hope you have a wonderful day today and every day,



Sep 20, 2016

Swimming With Friends

All summer long, when Sweet P was over and swimming, she'd ask me to call Miss J to come over and swim with her.  I would tell her we had to plan ahead so Miss J and her mom could join us for some fun.  So I surprised her and called Nellie and we made arrangements for them to get together on Labor Day weekend.  Needless to say, they were so excited when they found out they were getting together.

The latest thing Sweet P loves to do is balance on top of the float.  I must say she has gotten really good at it.

How cute are they?  It is so hard to believe they are seven years old.

Miss J is into competitive cheer and was showing Sweet P how to do stunts.  Here is Sweet P on Nelly's shoulders.

I picked up Little Caesar's pizza and cheese bread for lunch.


Can you guess what they had for dessert?  If you said a Mickey Mouse Popsicle, you are right!!!


Here they are dancing for us.

It was so nice to get together and visit.  We all had a great time.

Hope you have a great day!!!



Sep 19, 2016

Killen's Burgers

A couple of weeks ago the hubs and I had an early dinner at Killen's Burgers.  We had heard so much about the burgers we were excited to see what all of the hype was about.

I loved the classic look of the restaurant.  The decor was very retro and a throwback to yesteryear.  It was easy to see that a lot of thought had gone into the decisions of decorating the restaurant.

JJ Watt, #99 on the Houston Texans, signed a wall for Ronnie Killen, the owner.


I love the ceiling fans.  They add a little sparkle all while providing great circulation.

The hub's ordered a bacon burger.  Here's a pic of his burger and fries.  Yes, that is one huge onion ring under the top bun!

I ordered the turkey burger along with the sweet potato fries.

All in all, everything tasted fresh.  Our only disappointment was we expected the meat to have more seasoning.

It is a lot of food for one person.  I ate half of mine and brought the other half home.

I LOVED the sweet potato fries.  They were so good!


Our tab came to just over $31.00 for two burgers, two fries and two drinks.  We enjoyed our meal, however, we probably won't be going back unless we are with friends and family.

Have you been to Killen's Burgers?  If so, what was your experience like?

Hope you have a great week!




Sep 16, 2016

Sweet P's First Gymnastic Competition of 2016

Sweet P had her first gymnastic meet on August 27th in Santa Fe, TX.  It sounds so far away but it's only about 30 minutes from home.

Here are a few shots of her warming up.  Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Sweet P was the first one to compete on her team in all four categories, beam, floor, vault and bars.

She fell off of the beam at the very beginning so she got a score of 8.775.  We told her we were so proud that she did not let the fall affect the rest of her competition.  She is so good about letting things just roll off.

Her next competition was on the floor.

She got a score of 9.550.

Next up is vault.

She received a score of 9.525.

Mr. W was so good.

Here is Sweet P doing her bar exercise.

She received a 9.575.

Here is a group shot.  You can barely see her head on the right side, second row, second one from the end.

Pearland Elite won 1st overall and qualified for district.  Woo hoo!!!

She is so proud of her medal.  And we are so proud of her!!!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!



Sep 15, 2016

Birthday Celebrations

Hello and happy Thursday!!!  Things have been so busy around here.  I am playing "catch up" with posts I am behind on.  Bear with me as I get through these.  I want to document our celebrations.

I love this pic of the hubs and Mr. W sporting their LSU.  We bought him the outfit for Christmas.  I got the hubs the LSU shoes along with another pair pictured below.  It is so cute.  He can now say LSU.

Tiffani and the hubs celebrated their birthdays in August.  We originally planned to have a pool party but due to the crazy amount of rain we were getting we had an inside party.   We started with dinner at Texas Roadhouse before celebrating at home.

Tiffani and the hubs chose to have Bundtinis instead of a cake so the kiddos and I went the day before to get them. It was pouring rain.  I'm talking a deluge.  So I park the car and explain to them how we were going to get out of the car and under the cover.  The girls would go first and then Mr. W and I would go next.  The girls did their part so it was our turn.  Ha!!!  It was POURING rain.  I mean POURING!!!  I told Mr. W I was going to get out of the car and he was to jump in my arms and we would get under cover.  I get out of the car, standing in the pouring rain, and he stays sitting on the console of my car.  That's right.  He.did.not.move.  I'm calling him and he still does not move.  The girls are laughing as they watch this unfold.  I duck back in and swoop him out of the car.  I am soaked head to toe.  We get inside the store and it is freezing.  Sweet P had on her gymnastic leotard from practice and was turning purple.  :)  We placed our order and patiently waited for our cakes.  I probably let them have way more samples than I normally would have.  I later found out he does not like to get wet.  :)  I will never forget that moment.  I was in total disbelief because I had explained in details exactly what was going to happen.  It was so funny.  I guess you had to be there.

We bought them their own individual bundtlets.  Tiffani had the red velvet and the hubs had the lemon.

I used decorations from my birthday stash.

Tiffani and the girls had made rice krispy treats.  One of the hubs favorites.  We also had snacks to eat while watching movies.

Here's a pic of Tiffani and her favorite, Elvis Presley.

Sweet P wanted her pic taken, too.

And of course Ms. A had to show us how tall she is.  She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.  Yes, she is taller than all of us girls.

I believe it will be a while before Sweet P is taller than us.  :)

We gave Tiffani money for her birthday.

There is always rough housing going on when Uncle Brad is here.

The kids gave the hubs the FireTv gaming system for the family room.  Last year they gave him the FireStick and it is in the bedroom.

Here is a pic of the other pair of LSU tennis shoes I got him for his birthday.

We had a great time.  Our next birthday celebration will be Justin's.  His birthday is on Halloween.  Yes, he hates it being on Halloween.

Things are coming along nicely in the game room.  All we have left to do is caulk, fill the nail holes and touch up paint.  Oh and hang the new light.  We should be finished by this weekend.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Take care,



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-- Joan Didion