Dec 17, 2014

Life's Little Blessings

Yes, that is a Charlie Brown tree on my desk!

On my way in to work this morning I was listening to Pandora - Christmas music
reflecting on the many blessings I have been given and continue to receive on a
daily basis.  I am incredibly grateful, each and every day.

As soon as I got to work I opened up my email and found this message in my Inbox -

"I have a green smoothie for you – it can be for breakfast or lunch – let me know!" J

This sweet message is from Nelly from Nelly, Her Nerd and Miss J.  She is such a
sweetheart.  I am so incredibly blessed to have her in my life.  She has taught
me so much about photography, blogging (she gifted me with this blog), my iPhone,
helps me print ridiculously large Excel spreadsheets, and on and on.  I have in
turn shared my craziness for decorating (early) for Christmas, love of home
decor, and making a house into a home.  We make great "life" dance partners.  We
share a mutual love for hosting parties, all things Disney, and getting my grandkids
and her precious daughter together to form a special friendship with each other.

We have a relationship where we share pretty much everything in our lives, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Both of our husbands know we talk at great length about them as we try and figure out why God made men and women so different!  And of course, we are always right!  Just ask us!!!

Thank you Janelle for being such an important part of my life.  God knew what
he was doing when he brought us together!

Love ya!


Dec 16, 2014

Christmas Tour - Patio Style

I have had so much fun decorating our patio/pool area for Christmas.  My goal was to have it all done before I start my vacation this Thursday.  My mission was accomplished ahead of schedule.  I have been enjoying it every evening with Christmas music, a book and a little something something to drink.

My theme is rustic, cabin, mountains, snow....can you tell that I am really
wanting to go some place that has snow?  I'd even settle for snow here.
I'm good either way!

This was really an easy project because I had pretty much everything
already.  These throws are so old.

All of the glass candle holders are from Brooke's wedding.

The "JOY" letters are new.  I bought them in raw form and painted them with
Tuscan Red paint.  I am hooked on this color so beware!!!  I painted our
monogram initials on the front door this color before I painted these.

The "Believe in the Magic of the Season" is new.  I found it at Home Goods along
with the stocking and the North Pole bag.  Can we say love at first sight?  

Isn't this just the cutest stocking?  I'm still looking for another one
to go with it.

I also picked up the "mommy kissing Santa Claus" sign at Home Goods.


These skates were a gift from my good friend Nelly.  She noticed all of my
pins on Pinterest of decorating with ice skates and gifted me with her old pair.
Isn't she awesome!!!  I adore them!!! 

The baskets holding the green balls have red and gold beads on them but they
are not showing up in the photo.  We have had these for about 10 years.

Okay, maybe I didn't have everything!  I got this bird house at Hobby Lobby.  It is covered
with glitter and pretend snow.  I picked up the large bells, too.  Everything was 50% off.

I thought I'd get all fancy and hang some red and gold bells to make a chandy.


I am continuing my mantra of "let it snow" here with the chalkboard.
A girl can dream!

These darling wreaths came from Big Lots at 40% off.

I love this angel.  She also came from Big Lots.

We purchased the icicle lights at the Decorators Warehouse in Arlington, TX.  The ball lights
are so old.  We've had them for many, many years.  I think we have only used them once before.

The garland is an oldie but goodie that I used to decorate with in the kitchen.  So I decided to use it on the bench.

The cute snowflakes (still dreaming of a white Christmas!) came from Big Lots at 40% off.

One of hub's friends, Scott is in town and he came over last night.  Here he is being silly hiding between Minnie and Mickey.  He was making fun saying it is the Griswald's house.  But don't let him fool you.  He loves it all!

We sat on the patio with a few cold beers and had a great time visiting with one another.
Props to me for setting up a great place to entertain!  Go Debbie, Go Debbie!!!

I look forward to many nights out here, drinking hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows with the grandkids, reading books and playing games.

I have had SO MUCH FUN decorating and playing around with "old" and "new" decor this year.  I attribute it to starting earlier this year (end of September).  I also think it's because
I haven't been decorating other homes, just ours. 

Dec 15, 2014

Christmas Pageant 2014

Last night St. Andrew's held the Christmas Pageant for 2014.  I think the kids did an
awesome job portraying the story of Jesus' birth in today's time, TV anchors, cell
phones and all.  They were adorable and quite funny at times.

Here are a few photos that I took during the pageant.  Let me warn you.  The quality
of these photos is VERY poor.  I was more interested in seeing the pageant play out than
I was in recording it.  Here goes!

The "anchor man" in the middle did an awesome job of "fake" drinking coffee from
the coffee cup.  It was so cute!  The little guy that I cut off was pretty awesome.

Our favorite stars of the night!!!  They did a great job!!!

After the pageant we all went to Chili's for dinner.  We all had a great time!

Only 10 days until baby Jesus is born!!!  What a glorious celebration there will be!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!



Dec 12, 2014

"Bienvenue chez nous!" (Welcome to Our Home!)


is without a doubt my most favorite thing about blogland.  Being able to stalk peek
into your homes and see your holiday decor!!!

Grab a coffee or tea and get comfy.  I hope you enjoy yourself as you
meander through our home.  My hope is that you see something here
that brings you fond memories of your past Christmases or inspires
you to bring some holiday cheer into your home.  

Here's a little Christmas music while you meander through our home!

I wish I had some elves to take care of things.

I've added a large lantern and a candle to the small table on the porch since this
photo was taken.

Our own special Grinch will personally escort you on your tour today.
Don't worry.....he's a real sweetie!

To minimize photo overload, I did not post all of the photos here today.  However,
you can click on the photos that represent a different room and it will take you to
a more detailed posting with all of the goodies.

Welcome to our family room.  We spend the majority of our time here watching
movies, playing games or hanging out by the fireplace.

Our Christmas color scheme is gold and burgundy.  You will find angels and fleur de lis
intermingled throughout the tree and the garland.

 Here are a few highlights of our kitchen and breakfast room.

Are you having a little trouble coming up with the theme?  Just kidding!  It's snowmen.



I've been Christmas-fying the patio and pool area so I will share those photos with
you next week.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!