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Sep 2, 2015

Sweet P's Gymnastic Meet

Sweet P had a gymnastic meet this past Saturday.  This was her second meet and she was very relaxed.  We aren't sure if it was because it was held at her gym or because she knew what to expect.  Whatever the reason, she did a great job!

Here are her scores:

Vault 9.55
Bars 9.2
Beam 9.4
Floor 9.65

These scores placed Sweet P in the top five of all of the contestants that competed in this meet.

No outing would be complete without a reward or two from MawMaw and PawPaw.  :)
I bought her this super cute leotard with the matching scrunchy.  Her PawPaw bought her a really cute t-shirt.

Here she is modeling the leotard.  Isn't she adorable?  She is as spunky in real life as she comes across in this photo.  Lots of energy!

Sweet P's next meet is going to be in Galveston.  Should be a lot of fun!

Go Sweet P!!!  We are so proud of you!!!

Hope you are having a beautiful sunny day today.  We had a lot of rain yesterday and early this morning.  Lucky for us the sun is shining brightly now.  I'm off to enjoy these last days in the pool.  Summer has gone way too fast this year.  Way too fast!

Take care,



Sep 1, 2015

Labor of Love (or just plain craziness!)

Every time I was in the pool I would see this ugly bench and I just could not stand it any longer.

So last Monday I started working on refinishing the bench and two chairs from the backyard.  It took me three days to get them sanded and painted with two coats of paint.

The temperature on Monday was in the high 90's with the heat index of 105.  It was really hot!  I managed to stay hydrated but I still had a headache at the end of the day.

On Tuesday the weather was forecasted to rain so I was painting inside of the garage.  I was so happy when the cool winds blew in.  I was the crazy lady standing in the driveway with my arms out welcoming the cooler temperatures.  I did not care who saw was so hot!!!

Lucky for me the rain brought a cold front with it so it was nice outside on Wednesday.  The added bonus was the low humidity.  I really lucked out.

I am hoping that by sanding it and repainting it we'll get a couple of more years out of it.

We bought a new rug for this sitting area because the other one was so faded and gross.  This one compliments the rug on the patio.

I love the way the cushions look with the newly painted chairs.  And no, we did not get a dog!  That is Brooke's dog, Presley.

And here is the newly refinished bench in it's place.

Of course, I did not stop there!  I cleaned off the pots on both sides of the garage and painted them with two coats of fresh paint.

I am very happy with the way they turned out.

The next thing we need to do is have mulch brought in and plant flowers.  I can't wait!!!

Have you been working on any special projects?  I think my next one will be painting the tops of the outdoor lights along the pathway.  They are looking a little tired.  :)  It's always something.

Hope you are having a great week!

Take care,



Aug 30, 2015

Pearland West Beats Mexico 6-4 to Finish 3rd in Little League World Series 2015

Pearland West played Mexico today and won 6-4.  This puts them in 3rd place in the Little League World Series.  Go Pearland!!!  We are so proud of you.  You have shown amazing character, strength and perseverance throughout this entire series.  Your chins never dropped regardless of the situations you found yourself in.  You smiled, laughed, joked and pushed your way out.!!!!

I have been clenching my teeth together while watching the jaw is so sore.  I am really glad it is over.

Go Pearland West!!!!

Good luck Pennsylvania and Japan.  May the best team win.  I am sure it will be a great game.  And yes, I will be watching it.

Hope you have a great day,



If you have not been watching these games, you have missed watching some incredibly talented ball players.

Aug 28, 2015

My Shabby Chic Mood Board

Mixing Styles for a Shabby Chic Look

My inspiration for my Shabby Chic mood board is the picture of the beautiful lady.  I love the muted colors.  I find it lends itself to a very feminine and sophisticated look.

Several of the pieces I chose are from Chairish.  Chairish is an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture.  They have some beautiful pieces and there is something for everyone.

Several of the pieces I chose for my mood board are from Chairish.  Now remember, this is make believe so I had an open-ended budget!!!  Money was no object in this design.  I should try that line on the hubs, especially while I am unemployed!

I love mixing new decor with vintage pieces.  I do this by choosing a color scheme that works across the board and makes it pleasing to the eye.

Design today is not about being "matchy matchy".  I believe it should be about your personality, surrounding yourself with things that make you smile and make you happy to be home.  After all, it should be "Home Sweet Home".  Your oasis away from the rest of the world.

I hope you enjoy this mood board half as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

Go Pearland West!!!



Pearland West Wins Game in Extra Innings at Little League World Series Championship

Pearland West won their game against Bonita, CA in extra innings.  In the  bottom of the 8th inning Caleb Low hit a two run homer bringing the final score to 9-7.  Pearland will face Pennsylvania, who beat Pearland 3-0 this past Wednesday night, for the US Championship on Saturday.

For me, watching the game was so stressful.  I can't imagine being the parents and actually being at the game.  During the game I found myself getting up and walking around to try and distract myself just so I wasn't watching every single move.  Sounds crazy but it's true.  One more game to go!!!

We are so proud of the way these boys have represented Pearland.

Go Pearland West!!!

Take care,