May 25, 2017

Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary Brooke and Brad.  It is so hard to believe you have been married four years today.  Dad and I love you both very much!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


Mom and Dad

A Refreshed Look

First of all I want to apologize for getting this post up so late.  I took these photos a week ago last Tuesday around 8:30 a.m. in the morning.  I was going out of town with the hubs (for work) so my intention was to take these pics and write the post in the evening.  Obviously that never happened.  In fact, I never once opened my laptop.  Definitely a first for me.  So I thought about you...just never stopped long enough to connect.  :)

So here are the pics of our "refreshed" landscaping in the front yard.  The large boulders were already in the landscaping.  Our landscaper lifted them up so they would show up more.  (We need to power wash the mold and the dirt line off of them.  My list never ends!)

Every thing looks so nice now.

We love the way the pot with the flowing flowers turned out.  We had an extra pot in the backyard and the hubs asked our landscaper to use it in the front beds and this is what he came up with. 


We had the pathways reworked as the mulch was overflowing into the pathway and there wasn't a clear definition of where one ended and the other began.  It looks so nice and clean.  Fourteen years ago we removed our 90 degree sidewalk to the front door and had a meandering path put in.  I think it really softens the look of our home and helps our home stand out from the others in our neighborhood.  Not so cookie cutter if you know what I mean.

We bought new pathway lights from Lowe's.  These are LED and are so much brighter than the old ones.

Over the years the bed had gotten way bigger than it originally was so we had them add in grass to give it back its original shape.

We added river rock to give it more definition.  It also helps keep the mulch in place.

The side path to the gate had a couple of stones that had sunk down and looked pretty bad.  They reworked it so it looks fresh like the front pathway.

 We tried for years to grow grass on the left side, but the neighbor's tree provided too much shade for it to grow.  It was all slimy and gross so we had them remove what little grass was there and add river rock.  Now it is nice and clean.

I am SO EXCITED!!!  We have someone coming today to power wash our driveway, sidewalk and the area around the pool.  I can't wait to see it all clean.  I, myself, love to power wash.  Believe it or not I have not had time to do it.  We have been busy, busy, busy.  I'll share more with you in future posts.

I want to make new pillows for the chairs on the porch.  I have everything I need...just need to make time to do it.  Fingers crossed I get it done next week.  :)

I hope you have a fabulous Thursday!!!



"Never work just for money or for power.  They won't save your soul or help you sleep at night."

-- Marian Wright Edelman

May 12, 2017

Life By the Pool Just Got Better

The hubs and I really me have been talking about taking a vacation this year.  We were throwing different things around without making a final decision.

Then we met a landscaper we really liked.  A lot.  So we hired him to refresh our landscaping in the front yard and revive our landscaping in the back yard.  :)  You saw the before pics here.  We desperately needed an intervention!

He started working his magic last Friday.  The hubs knew from his ad he could build pergolas.  The hubs also knew a pergola was on my "wish list".  :)  (Do you have a wish list?)  So...the hubs proposed we scrap the vacation and get a pergola.  His thought process was the trip would only last a week (memories longer) and the pergola would last for years.  

It didn't take me long to say yes and we were off to the races.

My oh my!  Who knew there was so much to think about when making decisions on a pergola.  Where do you want it?  How tall do you want it?  How far apart do you want the slats?  Did we want it curved in the back to mimic the pavers or did we want a rectangular shape?  What cuts do you want on the end?  Do you want it stained or natural with three layers of clear coat (we chose natural).  On and on and on,

We love our new pergola.  Best decision ever!!!  We have two gorgeous and rather large lights to hang on each of the front posts.  We will also hang the Edison light strings around it.  So excited!!!

We are very happy with the landscaping, too!

We added new sand to the pavers and filled in the cracks from where they had to cut the pavers.  We also added new rock to the pathway.

We still have to power wash the decking and have it repainted.  I am going to hang sheers to soften the poles on the patio.  The two pots under the patio go under the pergola.  They are too heavy for me to move so I am waiting for the hubs.  I scrubbed the right side of the back wall of the pool.  Now I need to scrub the middle and the left side.  :)

I'll take pics of the front yard to share with you.  It looks really good!

The grandkids are staying with us beginning this evening through Sunday evening.  I imagine most of our time will be in the pool.  :)  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!  Happy Mother's Day!!!

Take care,



May 11, 2017

The Demise of Our Knockout Roses

No I haven't lost my mind.  And yes I'm posting Christmas decoration pics!!! 

Today's post is a record of the steady decline of our knockout roses.  Back in November the pest control company we have used for years added a plant care program.  I was very excited as I had been quite challenged in keeping our knockout roses going.  They would get some pesky disease, I'd get rid of it...then it would start all over again.  So when they started this program I was so excited.  I couldn't sign up fast enough.  The person in charge of this category had more than 20 years experience.  Surely their knowledge would have my plants healthy and thriving.

The first set of pics were taken on December 13th.  The first pic shows my lime tree is healthy and very much alive.

In the one below, the knockout roses look pretty healthy.

The roses look really good in the pic below.  My lemon tree looks good, too.

The next set of pics were taken on March 24th.  They are fried.  :)  Needless to say, I was sick.  I loved my knockout roses.  They provide beautiful flowers throughout the year.

They were looking pretty bad.

The next set of pics were taken on April 14th.  It saddens me to see these pics.

I lost my lime and lemon trees.

Without going into detail, I will say they blamed the demise of my roses on the one day of freeze we had.  :)  Funny how all of the knockout roses in Pearland are thriving and mine croaked.  :(  Maybe not so funny.

So for the last couple of weeks I have been getting bids from landscapers to refresh our landscaping in the front and the back.   We found one the hubs and I both liked a lot.  We are very happy with the way everything has turned out.  We are both smiling again!!!  I'll share the pics with you on Friday.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Take care,



May 10, 2017

The Beauty and Simplicity of a Magnolia Wreath

I love the look of a magnolia wreath.  The beauty and simplicity is like no other.  I have wanted a magnolia wreath for some time now.  I'd see them at retail stores but I didn't want to pay the price they were asking for them.  I knew I could make one way cheaper.


So I had my daughter Tiffani cut a few branches off of her magnolia tree for me.

I already had a grapevine wreath in the attic from an old wreath.  I removed the old flowers so I could make my new wreath.  :)

It is really very simple.  All you need is a glue gun.  I glued one leaf laying towards the inside of the wreath, one towards the outside and one up the middle.  I alternated as I did each one because I didn't want them to lay the same way.

And....I did as I always do.  I burned my finger holding down a leaf.  :)  It only takes one time and you remember how hot it gets.  So be careful!

I'm not sure how long it took me to make the wreath.  I was in the garage with the music playing rather loudly.  I'd take a break every once in a while to snap a photo and grab a drink of water.

Once I was finished I hung it up on the door to the breakfast room.  I wanted the contrast of the green leaves on the white door so I could see where I needed to add more leaves.  You can see from the pic below there were a few gaps here and there.  It was really easy to fix.  Put a little glue on the tips of the leaves and insert them where you want them.  Easy peasy!

I love how glossy the leaves are...and I didn't spray anything on them!  :)

I am over the moon with my new magnolia wreath.  And the best part?  It didn't cost me anything.  I had everything I needed to make it.  :)

I am working on the hubs to have our pine tree removed so we can plant a Little Gem Magnolia tree.  He's coming around.  Then I'd have an endless supply of leaves!!!

I have three more wreaths to make.  Two for Brooke and one for Tiffani.  I think I'm going to make a smaller one for my breakfast room door.  :)

Hope you have a wonderful evening!!!



"Morning without you is a dwindled dawn."
-- Emily Dickinson