Our Home

Bienvenue chez nous!
(Welcome to our home!)

This is our home.
I must warn you there are many, many photos ahead.  So please get comfy, grab a glass of sweet tea, and have a look.  I tried to capture many of the details for you.  When touring other bloggers homes, I love looking at the details...hoping to see something to inspire me in our home.  My wish is to inspire you today.  I hope you walk away with at least one thing you want to do to your home or at least get the creative juices flowing!

I'm not going to narrate the photos.  I believe they speak for themselves in letting you see our style and how we live out our life in our humble abode.

Our Foyer

These French doors are usually open, however, the hubs was working from home the day I snapped these photos.

My favorite saying!

Did you know elephants can bring you good luck and protect your home?  You can read all about it here.

Our Family Room

Our Kitchen

Our Breakfast Room

My Office

The Hub's Office/Game Room

Yes, that is a small fridge.  I call this room the "holding" room as in it holds everything before it reaches its final resting place.  The hubs calls it the staging room.  I will literally empty it out and something will find its way back in the very next day.  It drives me crazy!!!  The final destination for the fridge is the patio.  :)  We are having new electrical outlets installed this weekend.  The fridge will have its own outlet and no longer share with the pool light.  Gotta love it!

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom


Main Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

I think it is so funny how this throw looks purple in photos.  It really is blue.  :)

Guest Bedroom

This room is pretty much a hodge podge of whatever is left over from the other rooms.  It hasn't yet found its personality!  Most probably because it is temporarily housing our kids artwork.  :)

Yes, I realize the candles don't match.  :)  I just moved the candle holder in there and haven't replaced the candles.  This is a "real" home tour...not a staging!

Our Backyard

Thank you so much for stopping by.  We truly have enjoyed your visit.

Au revoir!
(Until we see each other again!)



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