Dec 20, 2012

Ms. D's Family Room Part 2

Welcome back!
Let me get you a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows
and a couple of cookies to enjoy while continuing the tour of
our family room.
The tree in here is the largest tree in our collection (we have eight trees).
It is nine feet tall and is decorated with a nod to our Southern heritage.
There are magnolias, fleur de lis, angels, glass grapes, tassels, ribbons, bows,
dried items, gold icicles, and three angels.

I purchased three large gold fleur de lis five years ago at Santa's Quarters which is
located in the French Quarters in New Orleans. Yes, I do try my best to go
to every Christmas store I can.  I am very lucky to have a husband that
understands my passion for decorating our home.  Thanks hon!!!

The first thing I do when decorating a tree is make sure the lights are
working.  In this case, they didn't so I had to add new lights.
Once that is done I begin fluffing the tree, from top to bottom.  The large
bows are placed throughout the tree followed by the ribbon to match.
I forgot to add the beautiful patterned ribbon this year!  My bad!!!
I found it in a container after I was finished!  Oh well!!!

The next things I add are the three angels in different sizes.  I place
them in a triangle shape with the small one near the top of the tree,
the medium towards the middle of the tree and the large one near the bottom.

I place simple, large and less expensive ornaments on the
inside branches of the tree.  This gives color and depth to the tree and not all
of the ornaments are hanging on the outside of the tree. 

Here is a photo of the largest angel.  She is wired and tucked into the tree.
I then add the magnolia swags and the crystal grapes by attaching them to the branches.  

Then it's time for the dried and sparkly pieces with the gold icicles
going on last.  I think I broke at least three of them this year!  :(

As you can see from this photo, there is not much room for a topper so
I put a large bow in its place.

This is one of my favorite views of our family room.  Every morning while
getting dressed for work I turn the lights on on the Christmas tree and
the Santa collection.  I LOVE the ambiance that is created.  As soon as I
get home I turn the lights on again until I go to bed.  I love the way our
home looks this time of year.  Now if it would just get cold enough to
light the fireplace!!!  The temperature is supposed to get into the 30's tonight.
Finally!!!  Living in the South does have its drawbacks!  

Thank you for stopping by.....

Ms. D 

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