Jan 7, 2013

Her Point of View - Organization

Good morning!!!  Happy Monday to all of you!

I hope you had a great weekend doing the things you love with
the people you love the most.  I spent mine working out, shopping
for groceries, preparing meals for this week, started packing up Christmas
and visiting with my two precious granddaughters.  They fill my heart with so
much love and laughter!  Yes, I know I missed church.  Our church had
it's yearly "The Church Has Left the Building" on Sunday.  This is where
we go out and help the elderly, schools, etc. by working the landscape,
making repairs, or whatever needs to be done.  It is a very rewarding
service to our community.

How do you keep your "to do" list in order?  Do you use a planner or your IPhone?
I have an IPhone that I keep my appointments on, however, I still like the
"old school" paper planner.  My favorite is the weekly Classic
"Her P.O.V."  There is a new quote for every week on various
topics.  I really like today's quote on organization.

"Life can be fascinating, frustrating, intriguing, even frightening
at times.  However, the one thing it shouldn't be is overwhelming.
As human beings, we have been endowed with all the tools
required to deal with life, and whatever it throws at us."

I hope you have a wonderful day today!!!
Take care,
Ms. D

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