Jan 3, 2013

Ms. D's Christmas by the Pool

Hello!  I thought I'd share the Christmas decorations I put up
around the pool in our backyard. 

I saw these ornaments at Hobby Lobby and could not resist. 
Especially at 50% off!!!

Every year I carry this planter around the house trying to decide
what to do with it.  Now I know....plant pansies!!!  :)

I never got around to decorating these trees. :(

This cute little snowman container was originally a candle that burned
out several years ago (like way back!).  I decided it would be a great
accent to decorate the patio by planting pansies in it.

My poor wreath had been beaten up by the wind!  It usually
hangs up in the front of the house but with the hubby out of
town for several weeks it just didn't happen.  So the creative
person that I am decided to hang it here. 

That was definitely a bad decision on my part!  I had to move it
under the patio because of all the storms we were having.

I planted pansies around the pool.  I love pansies!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Ms. D

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