Jan 2, 2013

Ms. D's Spare Bedroom #1

Welcome to our first spare bedroom (formerly known as
Ms. B's room).  We are still in the process of changing this room.
The walls were recently painted so some of them are still bare.  I am
not one to hurry up and purchase something just to hang on the walls (or
anywhere else for that matter).  I like to take my time and find something that
I really love.  It drives my husband CRAZY!!!  He'd just
as soon buy anything to go up.  Not me!!!

I made this wreath for Ms. B's room.  She really likes owls so
I used this pink one as the focal point.  I added black, white and pink tulle
throughout the wreath.  I also added some silver twisty decorations for a
bling effect.  I thought it came out really cute!

I borrowed this chair from the game room.  I haven't decided
just yet if I'll move it back and replace it with a new one.

I love this tree. If only they were all this easy to put up!!! Ha!
I picked this one up at Target. I thought the style and color
were a great compliment to the room.

We picked up this chest and night stand at Kirkland's.  I
like the old look that it brings into the room.

I saw these beautiful deer ornaments at Cracker Barrel and had to have them.
I knew I wanted to put them in this room but I wasn't sure how.
I decided to place these snowy looking branches in a crystal vase with
white lights inside for the warm glow in the evening.  I added some snow and a
couple of very old "knick-knacks" for color.

I love the way the ornaments look hanging from the branches.  This
little beauty only cost me $10 because I had everything except for the

I could not resist putting these gumballs (from Cracker Barrel) in
a crystal dish.  They make me think of snow balls!!!

Here's a peek at what it looks like at night.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Take care,

Ms. D

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