Jan 3, 2013

Ms. D's Spare Bedroom # 2

Welcome to our second spare bedroom.

We just recently changed this room up a bit.  There was
an armoire in the corner that housed the TV but it
took up way too much space.  I was so happy to sell it.
We had a sleigh headboard and foot board that I felt was
taking up too much space.  I like the openness of
the room now that those two items are gone.

I robbed the stack of chests from the game room so I
could use them as a nightstand.  I bought the lamp at
Hobby Lobby for $29.99 on their Clearance rack.  The two
pieces of artwork do not go in this room.  They are
temporarily here until I pack up all of the Christmas

We hung the TV on the wall. 

  The tree in this room is decorated for Mardi Gras.

The carousel is usually with the Disney village but
this year I decided to place it by itself. I really like the added
color it brings to the room.


A friend of mine gave me the little elves several years ago.  Aren't
they adorable!  She made them herself.
Thank you for stopping by.
Take care,
Ms. D

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