May 7, 2014


Words that come to mind when I think about my good friend Debbie:

Pinterest ;-)
Napkin Hoarder

and now. . .


Debbie has been such a HUGE help in encouraging, pushing and nagging (j/k!) Hubby and I with decorating our Master Bedroom & Bathroom (Visit Nelly & her Nerd for a few pictures) that it honestly would have NEVER gotten done without her input and expertise.  We absolutely LOVE - I repeat LOVE - how it has turned out and have no idea how we would ever repay her. (knowing she would never accept anything to begin with)  

Debbie has always told me that she wanted to start a blog - a place where she can share her projects, decorating and thoughts.  So the only way I could think to repay her was to setup her own little space on the internet where she can share anything and everything she wants.  We actually attempted to start a joint blog - Nelly & Ms. D - last year but were terrible at keeping it updated. (hence the older posts)

Debbie ~ This is my small way of thanking you for all of your help in getting our bedroom and bathroom decorated.  We sooooooo appreciate it more than words can say!!  

Enjoy the new blog!

Nelly, her Nerd & Miss J

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