Jun 12, 2014

DIY Headboard - Ana White's Plans

Have you ever heard of Ana White?  She is a mother and a homemaker from Alaska.  Ana is an amazingly talented woman that is extremely generous with her talents.  She loves to design plans to build furniture and share them with her readers.

Mrs. B moved everything in her room with her when she moved out so that left us without any furniture for the guest room.  At the time I envisioned a tufted white/cream headboard until I discovered how expensive they could be.  I didn't want to spend $400 - $500 for a bed that wasn't going to be used more than a couple of times a year.  Nelly, from Nelly and Her Nerd introduced me to Ana White's blog.  She suggested that we build a headboard ourselves....it would be so much cheaper.  So I looked through Ana's catalog and found this headboard.  

Full Size Farmhouse Bed

I printed the plans and approached my husband and two son-in-laws to see if they would build it for me.  I told them I was not in a hurry and they could take their time.  (We were planning a wedding at the time.)  I think they did a great job.  I am very happy with the headboard.  It is very solid and will last forever!!!  And it only cost a little over $100.00.  Not bad!

I chose to go with a smooth board rather than the paneled one she shows in her plans.  We also beefed up the top so it looks more like a mantel, making it easy to display home decor and Christmas decorations, of course!

Thank you again, guys, for all of your hard work.  I love my headboard.


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  1. I've seen this in your home and it is beautiful! And who would have ever known it would cost so little. Those guys did an awesome job!!