Jun 18, 2014

Fun Weekend in the Pool

We had a great time this past weekend playing in the pool.  Let me warn you, there are a lot of pics coming up.  Lots of cuteness going on!  You have been warned!!!!

Ms. A and Ms. P were play fighting while on PaPa's and Mrs. B's shoulders.

Ms. P won....or is that a pink alien?!!!

Lots of Frisbee throwing....

Great catch!

Way to go Sweet P!!!

Ms. A floating on noodles.

Mrs. B playing with Mr. W.  

Mrs. B and Mr. W.

Mr. W and mommy and Mr. Turtle.

Fun times in the tanning deck playing with the bubblers (is that even a word?).

So much fun!!!

Too cute!!!

Mr. W is a handsome young man.

Ms. P preparing to jump in the deep end...telling her Papa he needs to move closer.

Happy Father's Day PaPa and Mr. J!!!!


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