Jun 9, 2014

Garland for Front Door

I finally got around to buying some flowers to go with the grapevine that I've had to go around the front door.  I originally was thinking sunflowers and daisies with some red, white and blue ribbons or doodads.  But wait, that looks like pink hydrangeas and purple wisteria like flowers.  What happened?  I let Mr. K question my creativity and I played it safe and chickened out.

Am I happy with the results?  Let's find out.....

First thing I did was spread every thing out on the pool table (best craft table ever!  Thanks babe!)  Next, I separated and cut each stem so I could use them individually.

This time around I chose the shorter garlands.  I use the longer garlands that drag the ground when I decorate for Christmas.  I used a staple gun to attach the grapevine to the door trim doing my best to keep it out of the way of the storm door.

Next,  I lined the bottom of the second garland up with the bottom of the first one so it was even (follow me?).  It was more important that the bottoms match up because the tops could overlap with each other.

I inserted the hydrangeas and the purple wisteria looking flowers that you can hardly see.  I knew when I bought the flowers that I would need more to fill the garland.  It needs so much more.

As I was driving off for work this morning, I stopped in front of the house to stop and look at it.  Guess what came to my mind?  It reminds me of a wedding!!!  I'll be stopping by Hobby Lobby on my way home from work today.


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