Jun 14, 2014

New Fire Pit

New Fire Pit

Here is a photo and link to the first fire pit we had.  It was made out of cast stone and was painted to have the "faux" look of stone.  The finish lasted almost three years.  It started peeling and was looking like a mess so it was time for me to paint it.  I was going to have to sand it and do a paint technique, using a natural yellow sea sponge, to try and make it look something like the original.  :)

Lucky for me Mr. K decided he wanted to build one that would last for years and NEVER have to be painted.  (Imagine me doing my "happy dance"!)  I was on board for this project.  So off he goes to Lowe's to find blocks that would match our color scheme.  Yes, you can have a color scheme outdoors just as well as you do indoors. 

allen + roth Bertram 12-in L x 4-in H Fredrickson Flagstone Retaining Wall Block (Actuals 11.2-in L x 4-in H)
He found the Allen & Roth Bertram Fredrickson Flagstone.  The textured, antique looking stones have a naturally worn look to them.  I am very happy with the choice he made.   He bought enough stones to make the fire pit four rows high not knowing if we were going to go with three rows or four.  He picked up some Liquid Nails Extreme Heavy Construction Adhesive to keep the stones from moving once he had them in place. 

LIQUID NAILS 11-oz Construction Adhesive

We are so happy with the way it turned out.  All in all, he used 40 stones and 3 tubes of liquid nails.  The stones sell for $2.25 each.  He was able to get them for the sale price of 5 stones for $10.00.  Mr. K also bought a cheap 30" fire pit for the bowl and cover when they were on sale in the off-season for $20 - $25.  The total cost was between $130 - $150.  He painted the new bowl with rust proof paint before using it to see if that will help it last longer.  The paint cost $6.00  a can and he used two cans.  The only upkeep will be to replace the bowl of the pit every 3-5 years.   

Most people (probably all) go with only three rows of stone but I wanted to be able to see the fire pit from inside of our home.

Now we've got to get to work on the hard water stains......fun times!!!



  1. I like the way it turned out as well! Your pool area looks even more beautiful! But I think it would be better if the color you chose is a few shades darker than the flooring. That way, your fire pit would stand out. Anyway, it still looks awesome! Good job!

    Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire and Outdoor

    1. Hi Lindsey! Thank you for stopping by! I think it's so awesome how we all have different tastes and style. We chose this color of stone so it wouldn't stand out too much and be a distraction with everything else around it. The stone is supposed to darken a little as it ages. I guess we will see. We are having the stone around the pool coated today and that will provide a slightly darker, sort of wet look to the slate. We are so excited to see it done!!! Take care.