Jun 17, 2014

Pool Floats

World's Finest Pool Float in Sea Blue

As our pool was being put in, we were buying patio furniture and pool supplies.  One thing that was really important to me was the pool float.  I wanted something that did not have to be blown up like the old fashioned floats we used as a kid.  I shopped around and fell in love with these at Frontgate.  

These floats are designed for full body support and are nearly unsinkable.  They are made with a full 2 3/4" marine quality, triple-dipped PVC vinyl closed cell foam technology.  The flexible foam does not  become brittle like ordinary rafts or pool lounges.  It has a durable, heat-processed vinyl coating that resists the effects of chlorine, sun and salt water.

Okay, I was sold on the floats but not the price.  Not when I wanted to buy two of them!  So I kept looking and found ours at the pool supply store for $99 each.  Just recently I saw them at Home Goods for as low as $79.00.

We have been very happy with them and they are very durable.  We did have an incident over winter where a rat mouse (I prefer mouse) chewed on a corner of one of the floats.  We bought the coating (similar to nail polish) and repaired it.  You can't even tell unless you know where to look.

Happy floating!!!


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