Jun 2, 2014

The Fruits of Our Labor

Hello!  I am so excited to be participating in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Garden link!!!
We have been in our home for over 24 years now and have landscaped our yard many times over.  We have had it done professionally and we have done it ourselves.  I am very proud to say that we just redid it ourselves!!!  This past winter was rather long and it had pretty much wiped out almost all of our plants in the front yard.  This time we decided to go with Indian Hawthorns, ferns, and Impatiens.  All of these are new to us except for the Indian Hawthorns.  So far, we are very happy with the way things are turning out!

The Sega Palm is from an original professional landscaping job.

Our home had the typical 90 degree angle sidewalk leading to the front door when we built it.  I really wanted something different so I came up with the idea of a pathway.  Our landscape designer suggested using slate for the path and also to cover the porch.  We have been very happy with the look and feel of the stones.  We have received so many compliments on this design.  In fact, many people have copied this same design. Some, right here in our neighborhood.  :-)

We wanted to be consistent in our design so we used the slate to create a pathway to lead us to the gate to our backyard.  In doing so, we created a bed along side the garage.  This created balance to the front of the house.  

These flowers are called Clown flowers.  This hangs outside our breakfast room window.

Lime tree

I am not sure what these are….they came back up after the freeze.

We had our swimming pool put in three years ago this October.  Majority of the landscaping was already there which is why it is so mature.  The landscaper with the pool company moved around the plants that we already had and added the Knockout Roses.  We lost a Plum tree and a couple of hedges with the digging of the pool.  We were very fortunate not to lose the Sega Palm.

One of my ferns coming back from the cold!

Myers Lemon tree (new addition)

Begonias are coming back after the cold!

I love these....not sure what they are called!

Hosta with English Ivy.

Hanging ferns.

New additions....not sure what they are....

Red geraniums....one of my favorites!

Bird of Paradise...new addition.  Supposed to have white flowers.

White Vinca....new addition.

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