Jun 13, 2014

The Holland Grill

Premier Holland Grill purchased on April 16, 1999.
Fifteen years ago my husband told me he wanted to purchase a gas grill.  Now this wasn't just any gas grill.  The grill he wanted was a Holland Grill that was made of stainless steel and cost $1,165.00.  I laughed and said "you're not serious are you?"  (At that time we had a regular gas grill that probably cost around $150.00.)  Oh yeah, he was serious all right.  Mr. K's best friend Kurt owned one and loved it.  He had grilled for us...yes it was good....but $1,165.00.  Kurt suggested that we pay for the extra cost for the stainless pit since he had bought the aluminum one and had to replace it with the stainless steel.  

My one request was that if we spent that much money on a grill I wanted to have a direct gas line feeding it so we would not have to worry about refilling the butane tanks.  He agreed.

So he introduced me to this special grill.  Who knew it would be a match made in heaven!!!  I love this grill.  The Holland Grill is not an "ordinary" gas grill.  It's so easy to use and grills the most tender, juicy food.  The best part is there are no flare-ups!  You literally put your meat (or whatever you want to grill) on the grill and walk away.  The only way you can mess it up is if you get distracted with your children, the phone or whatever else steals your time.  The only thing that will happen is your meat will dry out but it will not burn because there are no flare ups

 Holland Grill's motto is "if you're lookin', you're not cookin!"  The Holland is the only grill made which offers a No Flare-up Guarantee in writing.

The secret is Holland's unique, patented indirect cooking system.
  • The signature smoke stacks help pull air into the grill where it is heated and circulated much like a convection oven.  They also allow enough heat to escape to maintain a constant temperature in Holland's hassle free one-temperature setting.
  • The stainless steel cooking grid will last a lifetime, is easy to clean and its diamond-shaped pattern prevents small food items from falling through.
  • The rust-free aluminum drip pan catches the juices from the food where they sizzle and smoke back up on the food, giving it that distinctive Holland-Grill flavor.  There's no charcoal, lava rock, ceramic tiles, etc. to clean.  The drip pan slopes slightly to channel all the excess grease from a 3/4" drain pipe and away from the flame.
  • A stainless steel deflector plate spreads the flame out so that you have a relatively even heating pattern.
  • The Holland's cast-iron burner is guaranteed for the life of the grill.  No more replacing rusted out burners every year!

Here's a photo of the inside of ours.  You can tell it gets a lot of use.

We had to replace the stand tube that was made of aluminum with a stainless steel tube due to rust.  After 15 years of use, we just recently replaced the two burners (inside and the side one).  They were still working, just taking a little longer to cook.  Holland replaced these under their warranty.  All we had to pay for was the shipping.

The actual cost of our grill was $1165.00 installed.  Here is the breakdown:

$870 Pit
$150 Side Burner
$40.00 Cover

This would make a great Father's Day gift!!!


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