Jul 14, 2014

Houston Astros

Ms. A and Ms. P waiting for the game to start.
I was given four tickets to the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox game for this past Saturday so we brought the girls.  Our seats were located in the Club Level at home plate.  Great seats!  We also had "Cedric" take our food and drink orders.  Yes, we were a little spoiled!  It's nice when you have children with you.
Paw Paw and his girls.
Ms. A took this photo of the guys preparing the field before the game.
 Midway through the game we brought the girls to the Astros Shop.  Needless to say they made out like bandits.  Paw Paw bought each of them jerseys, caps, balls and baseball caps.  The girls picked out a stuffed mascot and a t-shirt for Mr. W. 

 They were so proud of their new jerseys.  After we returned to our seats, Ms. P told me that she had wanted to be dressed just like the players and now she was.  How cute is that? 
Maw Maw and her girls.

The Astros went on to beat the Red Sox 3-2.  It was a great game.
One last pic before leaving the game.


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