Jul 25, 2014

Projects at Mrs. B's

I am very lucky to be able to assist share my talents with Mrs. B and her home decor projects.  One day her dad, Mrs. B and I were shopping at Hobby Lobby.  I can't remember what project we were working on at the time.  :)  I came across this gorgeous medallion.  The design and the paint technique are gorgeous.  It is probably at least 30 inches across if not bigger.  These photos do not do it justice.  It was on sale for $50.  I told Mrs. B "this would be beautiful over your dining table".  One thing you need to know about Mrs. B is that she is very tight with HER money.  (She gets that from her dad!)  She looked at it and said "I don't think so".  I planted my feet and repeated my advice comment.  I told her she could not buy a more beautiful ceiling medallion for that price.  The ones you see at Home Depot aren't nearly as nice.   I suggested that she should put it in her shopping cart so she could think about it.  Why I did not buy it for myself I will never know!!!  Well as you can tell from the photos, she did buy it.

The medallion did not have a hole cut out so she and Mr. B had to make one.  Well apparently this medallion is made out of some sort of cement product or something.  It took them a very long time to cut a hole in it.  It was worth the effort because it is gorgeous in person.

Several years back Mr. K and I had a comforter and drapes custom made for our bedroom.  We have at least 10 yards of the brown fabric left over (I had intended on making curtains for the French doors but we changed our minds and decided not to).  So I have been offering up this fabric to both daughters and no one was interested at the time.  Every time we went to visit Mrs. B I'd tell her you really need a window treatment over your blinds.  It'd be really easy.  Mr. B could make it and we would cover it.  I reminded her that I had the fabric that would match really well and it was FREE.  Well that got her attention.  FREE!!!  :)  We covered the header with polyester fiber stuffing using a staple gun.  It took us about an hour to cover the form.  She and Mr. B added a metal decorated piece to finish it off.  I think it looks great and it is a 

Mrs. B had Mr. B make another header for the window over the kitchen sink.  We covered it with polyester fiber filling then the fabric.  We had just enough fabric to cover it....but you can't tell.  It took us about 30 minutes to make it.  I think it turned out really cute.

Mrs. B is good at finding projects for her mom to make.  :)  She wanted a burlap wreath so she purchased the supplies and I made her a wreath for her back door.  It goes really well with her window header and her Christmas decorations.

I'd love to know what projects you've been working on.


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