Jul 21, 2014

Wine Barrel - Post #2

We are making a table with our wine barrel that will sit between the two chaise lounge chairs at the end of the pool.

I'd like to thank Mr. B for providing the plywood and assistance to Mr. K.
Much appreciated!

We learned something new about wine barrels.  If the wood is not kept moist the slats will dry out and the bands will pop off.  So the first thing they did was measure the inside of the barrel so they could place a circle board inside to keep the barrel from coming apart.

Once this was done, they began making the larger cutout which will provide support for the granite top.

These added pieces will keep the board from sliding once it is on top of the barrel.

Mr. K spray painted the large cutout black.  The reason for this is we are hoping the board does not show once the granite has been placed on it.  The board is much smaller than the granite top.

I am hoping to have a finished pic with the granite some time this week!!!

One more thing....congratulations to Mr. K.  Today is his first day on his new job!!!  We are so excited.  We have not worked "similar" work hours in over 10 years.  We are so excited with our new journey.


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